“It’s the Holidays!” with Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats (Music for Families)

“It’s the Holidays!” with Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats (Music for Families)

Family Friendly, Jazz Forward Original Songs for the Festivities Between Halloween and New Years

I was the cheese-ball, sentimental child in my family and starting around fourth grade until I left home for college, I would put together our family’s fake Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, put on the ornaments I liked and listen to holiday songs.  I have the same vinyl records my family listens to now and we still put up our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving but now I have a lot of help from Bob and our girls.  Although we have our go-to holiday music that is our tradition (Dean Martin, Burl Ives, and Willie Nelson), there is ALWAYS room for new holiday songs and albums to fit in to our rotation.  My family has started listening to “It’s the Holidays!” with Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats because we enjoy their original holiday songs and jazz with a scat sound that is fun for everyone to dance and enjoy during our favorite time of the year.

Community, unity and togetherness are the best part of the holidays.  For many families, Halloween kicks off the season with its festive fun that brings everyone together and that carries us to Thanksgiving and into the New Year.  It’s a joyous time for people of all ages.  According to Lucy, “While there’s the frolic and fun of Halloween and playing with the snow, I wanted to bring more attention on community.  I always love singing about finding joy in the simple things in life, and in this album I continue to build on that while inviting listeners to open their eyes and take note of all the people around them that make up their community:  their families, their friends, and neighbors.”

It’s the Holidays! Track Listing:

  1. My Mommy is a Mummy
  2. Grateful
  3. It’s Snowing
  4. It’s the Holidays!
  5. That’s a Wrap

About Lucy Kalantari:  Lucy Kalantari is an award-winning children’s artist based in Brooklyn, New York, making jazz age inspired music for families.  In Fall 2017, Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats are featured on Sprout House, the musically-infused programming block on Universal Kids.  Check out her debut children’s album Pockets Full of Joy (2014) which earned a Parents’ Choice Silver Medal Honor as well as Big Things which won an International Music Award for Best Children’s Song.   www.lucykalantari.com

“It’s the Holidays!” with Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats (Music for Families)


List Price: $ 4.95 (Available at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby)


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