Have a STEM learner? Circuit Scribe Brings Holiday Joy (Local Austin, Texas)

Have a STEM learner? Circuit Scribe Brings Holiday Joy

Conductive Silver Ink In A Pen Starts A Golden Opportunity For Fun With STEM Concepts From Circuit Scribe’s $9.99 Mini Kit To $79.99 Maker Kit

My girls were born and being bred in Austin, Texas and my older child, Brooke, is involved with the local GirlStart program which focuses on STEM education for girls.  There are two things that happen to define Austin (and no, it’s not BBQ and traffic) and it is tech and local.  When I was looking for gift recommendations for families this holiday season, I was excited to talk about Circuit Scribe.  Not only is it a local Austin, Texas company, it also creates teaching tools for children which is perfect for the maker’s movement and STEM education.  If you peered deep inside any electronic appliance you’d discover they all start with a single circuit, linked to another and another and Circuit Scribe is all about learning to work with electronics in a simple way.  Awesome!

Circuit Scribe has invented a remarkable pen that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. Now novice third graders to experienced high schoolers can have fun with circuitry and electronics in a totally new way. All they need is a piece of paper and a Circuit Scribe pen.  The Basic Kit Plus ($59.99) is a great holiday gift price point to help your little scientist appreciate the magic of electronics.  The maker culture is about learning-through-doing such as robotics, electronics and traditional metalworking or woodworking. Kids who classify as makers encompass every letter of STEM and STEAM and even STREAM learning! From hackers to DIYers, it’s a national passion.

In fall of 2013, when the Circuit Scribe pen was ready, they launched a Kickstarter campaign and hoped for the best. In a little over a month the goal of $85,000 was blasted out of the water and the campaign was funded at $674,425 by 12,277 backers.

Students can build and light up houses, create a pressure sensitive driveway or a street lamp circuit! Science, technology, engineering and math all combine as youngsters draw lines with their easy-to-use, award-winning Circuit Scribe.  Circuit Scribe can be used by all grade levels with projects that grow more complex as students get older.   Anyone who uses Circuit Scribe has access to their community platform. Post your own projects or manage a classroom of students creating their own projects. (Privacy and accessibility compliance is built in.)  Join the community HERE.

As their website and online store, www.CircuitScribe.com, explains, “our non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.”

The company recently added a new free community platform for sharing tools and resources for families and classrooms, called Sketch. You’ll find projects like Intro to Resistance, build a Flashing Fire Truck, Origami pushbutton and Sound the Alarm!

Circuit Scribe’s DIY Calculator Kit

Learn about circuits and capacitive touch sensors (like in your touchscreen devices). Kit includes a compact Circuit Scribe pen, calculator module, instructions and template. (List Price: $ 25.00)

Our Favorite: Circuit Scribe’s Maker Kit

The Maker Kit ($79.99) is the gold standard to appreciate the magic of electronics. 

The Maker Kit contains a full-size pen and modules that introduce more advanced concepts, including light & sound to take your circuit sketches to the next level!  This kit allows you to explore conductivity & touch-sensitive circuits, and to build your understanding of inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. Additional topics to explore in the guided workbook include light sensing, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

Youngsters who tinker with the Maker Kit can know first-hand the thrill of making an LED light go on and off with the touch of a finger and a few lines of circuitry! This kit allows newbies and experienced tinkerers to explore all the concepts of Circuit Scribe’s Basic Kit while building a solid understanding of inputs, outputs and signal processing in their just-drawn silver inked circuits. Additional topics awaiting exploration include light sensing, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials and so much more. As a child’s electronic skills and interest advance, they can turn to CircuitScribe.com to purchase affordable add-ons. Intriguing accessories such as a fan, connector cables, SPSD switch to motors start at just $3.99.

Check it out!  Circuit Scribe’s website offers ideas on projects and lesson plans!  Wonderful for home or classroom learning!

ABOUT CIRCUIT SCRIBE:  Based in Austin, Texas, Circuit Scribe creates educational electronic design kits for all ages. The company’s centerpiece is the remarkable rollerball pen filled with non-toxic conductive silver ink. From the kitchen table to the classroom desk, Circuit Scribe entices students to learn about circuit design and electronics in a simple and fun way – on paper. Browse or buy at www.CircuitScribe.com.

Have a STEM learner? Circuit Scribe Brings Holiday Joy


List Price:  $9.99 Mini Kit To $79.99 Maker Kit


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