Thank You, Bees (Hardcover)

Thank You, Bees (Hardcover)

This gentle message of gratitude and connection, enhanced by beautifully simple collage illustrations, makes for a charming gift.

Sun gives us light.
Thank you, sun.

I was probably just four years old when I accidentally stepped on a wasp’s nest in the ground at our home in SE Ohio.  The wasps, angry someone had destroyed their home, swarmed around me and I was stung over and over as I ran away screaming.  Understandably, for the longest time, I was freaked out by any sort of insect that could sting me.  However, over the years I have learned to have a great appreciation for bees and they really do leave you alone if you don’t mess with them.  Plus, bees make honey!  Thank you, bees!  This lovely book geared towards preschoolers is about enjoying the simple things in nature and respecting every part of it.  Yes, even my lovely stinging bees!

Clouds bring the rain that makes puddles to splash in. Sheep give us wool for our sweaters and hats. The honey that sweetens our bread comes from bees (thank you, bees). With spare, repetitive text and bright, torn-paper collage artwork, this picture book gives even the youngest readers a subtle sense of how everyday things are related — and inspires an appreciation for life’s simple gifts.

About the Author:  Toni Yuly is the author-illustrator of the picture books Early Bird, Night Owl, and Cat Nap. After many years as a librarian, she now dedicates herself to designing, painting, and writing all day. Toni Yuly lives in Bremerton, Washington.

Thank You, Bees (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99


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