My First Lab’s Duo-Scope (Holiday Gift)

My First Lab’s Duo-Scope (Holiday Gift)

2015 Creative Child Product of the Year Award

If you have a child in elementary through high school in the house, a professional grade microscope at a budget-friendly price is a wonderful investment for the whole family.  My First Lab’s offers an array of fully assembled microscopes puts the focus on science, magnified!  My First Lab children’s educational product line of C&A Scientific, a lab product manufacturer and scientific supply company, has invested over 20 years of expertise to build a microscope that is inexpensive enough for a child, but possessing an image quality good enough for an adult. That’s not just them talking but consumers who gush on Amazon after their microscopes arrive in the house.

“I bought this for my nephew who is 13 years old and we couldn’t be more pleased and happy with it. He has been looking at plants, bugs, dirt and pretty much everything that comes to his mind and I have to admit that I’ve been playing with it too, looking into jewelry, some crystals and diamonds to see the quality of them… Highly recommended.”

As their expansive website ( boasts, “all of the microscopes in the My First Lab line use laboratory-quality glass, or specially-coated plastic optics, giving clarity comparable to our laboratory-grade microscopes.”

Breaking geodes with my mini geologist. #rocksrule #STEM. ❤️

My daughter, Brooke, is a budding geologist.  She collects gems, crystals and minerals and likes to look at them all with a magnifying glass.  Her knowledge and interest has turned into a full blown hobby and I knew she needed to get a better microscope to continue her personal studies and found the exact one I wanted for her within an awesome price range.

Our Pick:    My First Lab’s Duo-Scope

This best seller is the most popular in the My First Lab series! Two light sources allow this microscope to magnify both slides and solid objects. Ask the kids to inspect a dollar bill; a feather, backyard bugs or view slides. It’s lightweight so kids can take it to any room or outside. It features an impact-resistant frame and is AA battery powered. After raking, let them examine those falling leaves in the yard. What I love about it is that Brooke can see the quality and beauty of her rocks and is able to study (from multiple geology books I’ve given to her for reference) exactly what she sees!  What a great way to magnify their love of science!

Donations!  My First Lab has just shared an excellent video which demonstrates a big donation they made to their local schools with their products.Check out this video at and their donation program to schools!

ABOUT MY FIRST LAB:  For over 20 years, this Manassas, VA based company has brought a fresh and innovative approach to the educational toy market. Designed with children first, the award-winning My First Lab™ products focus on the discovery and learning experience every step of the way. From microscopes, prepared slides, experiment kits, and real animal skeletons, they put high-quality, affordable products into the hands of young scientists.  My First Lab is developed and manufactured by C&A Scientific, a family-owned company and leader in scientific and educational microscopes and laboratory accessories to organizations worldwide. Visit for more information.

My First Lab’s Duo-Scope (Holiday Gift)

List Price: $ 64.99

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