A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars (Hardcover)

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars (Hardcover)

“This picture book is one in a gazillion.”—Jane O’Connor, the New York Times–bestselling author of the Fancy Nancy series

I deal with numbers on a daily basis; as an analyst in my job, doing budgets, paying bills, and of course figuring out ways to make money last and add up for any special emergencies or child care issues.  I love numbers.  Women in math related fields are becoming a norm in our society and since I have two little girls I love to get them EXCITED about numbers.  In this wonderful new book by Seth Fishman, “A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars”, adds curiosity to the enormity of amounts like TEN QUADRILLION.  My older daughter has enjoyed this book so much that it now has become a staple of our nighttime reading.  LOVE!

Did you know that the earth is covered in three trillion trees? And that seven billion people weigh about the same as ten quadrillion ants? Our world is full of constantly changing numbers, from a hundred billion trillion stars in space to thirty-seven billion rabbits on Earth. Can you imagine that many of anything?

The whole world is filled with big, enormous, gigantic, humongous, incredible numbers.

Look all around you.

You can see them in the sky, and in the grass, and in the forest, and in the ocean, and in the city.

They are even in the pages of this book, just waiting for you—and your one and only imagination.

The playful illustrations from New York Times–bestselling artist Isabel Greenberg and the friendly, straightforward voice of author Seth Fishman illuminate some of the biggest numbers in the universe—a hundred billion trillion stars—and the smallest—one unique and special YOU. Here is a book for story time, for science time, for math time, for bedtime, and all the times in between.  Perfect for curious children, classrooms eager for STEM content, and readers who have devoured Ada Twist, Scientist and How Much Is a Million?

About the Author:  Seth Fishman can hold his breath for 163 seconds and likes to blink about 15,000 times a day. He has also written 2 books for teenagers. He lives with his family in Los Angeles, California. www.sethasfishman.com

About the Illustrator:  Isabel Greenberg goes through 57 paintbrushes in a year and draws for 6 hours a day with 4 to 5 cups of tea to keep her going. She has written 2 graphic novels and illustrated 5 books for children. She lives in London. www.isabelnecessary.com

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99

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