Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires! (Hardcover)

Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires! (Hardcover)

Meet Hugo, a tiny hamster with a huge personality, who dreams of becoming a firefighter!

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I couldn’t do something, I’d be rich!  Luckily, I always believed in myself.  I like to test my limits and learn from them.  That is why I highly recommend a new book called “Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires!

Andrew Root’s debut is a sweet, funny tale for the youngest readers, who know that being little can be the biggest advantage of all. With fun-filled illustrations from Jessica Olien, author/artist of The Blobfish Book, Shark Detective!, and Adrift, Hugo proves once and for all that great things come in small packages.

For Hugo isn’t just a hamster. He’s also a great cook, a fast runner, a slow eater, and a fantastic dancer. However, what Hugo wants most of all is to be a firefighter. And even though Hugo worries that he’s too small to fight fires, he learns that just because something is difficult, it doesn’t mean he won’t try his hardest to achieve his dream.  Perhaps hamsters can be firefighters after all!

Perfect for fans of Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri and Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi and Tim Bowers.

About the Author:  Andrew Root is a debut author and a trained therapist, active in community mental health and the public education system in Portland, Oregon. Andrew works as the clinical manager of a therapeutic school serving youth and adolescents with a variety of behavioral and mental health needs. His experiences working with children have led him to realize the importance a good book can have both socially and academically. Andrew enjoys playing soccer and chasing his wife, two kids, and dog around his backyard.

About the Illustrator:  Jessica Olien is the author and illustrator of Right Now, Shark Detective!, The Blobfish Book, and Adrift. Her writing for grown-ups has been published in Slate, Salon, the Atlantic, Jezebel, Marie Claire, and many others. Visit her at www.jessicaolien.com.

Hamsters Don’t Fight Fires! (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99


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