Fuel Up with Planet Fuel’s Organic Beverages!

Fuel Up with Planet Fuel’s Organic Beverages!

Organic and thirst quenching juice from Planet Fuel!

Planet Fuel has a thirst-quenching line of juices is packed with 100% refreshment and zero% refined sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors.  It has been an unbearably hot summer and we have been working hard to make sure our kiddos stay hydrated while they are super busy and enjoying their favorite summer activities.  What better way to keep your kids refreshed than with a organic fruit beverage for the long, hot days!

Kids can fuel up with their choice of Cherry Lemonade, Apple Grape or Pear Lime flavors. My kids enjoyed all the flavors, although Brooke thought the Cherry Lemonade was her favorite and Brie liked the Apple Grape quite a lot!  Each refreshing beverage combines organic juices with a splash of water- lowering the natural sugar content and enhancing the thirst-quenching refreshment! Unlike the typical juice pouch, Planet Fuel’s beverages are offered in 10-ounce recyclable aluminum cans (a larger portion than juice boxes and pouches), providing the perfect amount for kids to satisfy their thirst.

Charity!  Planet Fuel strives to inspire their consumers to fuel their world by giving back to the environment through The Planet Fuel Charitable Fund (PFCF).  PFCF provides financial support to conservation groups, working hard to protect wild animals as well as the environment.

Fuel Up with Planet Fuel’s Organic Beverages!


List Price: single-flavor 4-packs ($5.99) and single-flavor 12-packs ($15.99)

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