Lost and Found, What’s that Sound? (Hardcover)

Lost and Found, What’s that Sound? (Hardcover)

“Welcome to the Lost and Found, where we find items by their sound!”

Enjoy a new HarperCollins Children’s Book Release – Perfect for anyone who loves rhyming books!  It’s a busy day at Rabbit’s Lost and Found. Poor Squirrel has lost his drum, Elephant has lost her piano, and Bat has lost his entire band! Will Rabbit find their lost instruments before show-time?

My oldest is no stranger to the ‘Lost and Found’.  While she is extremely bright, she has a tendency to leave things behind accidentally, so I’ve always labeled her things very carefully to prevent having to re-purchase lost items.  Brooke found the idea of having to make a sound to explain the item you lost at Rabbit’s Lost and Found quite hilarious.  “I lost my thing that goes DING DING DING!”  “Is it a triangle?”  Ah ha!   With lively rhyming text and colorful illustrations, this second picture book from brother-and-sister team Jonathan and Victoria Ying (Not Quite Black and White) will have readers calling out the fun sound words on each page. The perfect read-aloud for story time!

About the Author:  Jonathan Ying has been on a steady diet of cartoons, comics, and fantasy novels since he was young. He’s an author and game designer who currently resides in New Jersey. He arrived there by plane. Visit him at http://www.jonathanying.com.

About the Illustrator:  Victoria Ying is an artist with a background in animation. She is the illustrator of Not Quite Black and White and Lost and Found, What’s That Sound?, both written by her brother, Jonathan Ying. She lives in Los Angeles and enjoys car rides with her dog, Buster, and being at home with her cat, Boots. Visit her online at http://www.victoriaying.com.

Lost and Found, What’s that Sound? (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 14.99


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