Ollie’s Treasure: Happiness is Easy to Find if You Just Know Where to Look! (Hardcover)

Ollie’s Treasure: Happiness is Easy to Find if You Just Know Where to Look! (Hardcover)

Ollie’s Treasure is tale of mindfulness for young, developing minds.

Deep Breath In.  Dragon Breath Out.  Repeat.  Now time for our affirmations.  “I am strong…….”  This is a morning ritual I do with my oldest on the way to her school.  As we get closer to the school and pull into the parking lot, she says the same thing each time, “OK, momma, silence now.”  Brooke has already learned to relax her brain and body before she starts her school day and it makes me so proud.  It took a lot of time (and money) to help my oldest deal with anxiety and we are finally at a point where we feel like we are on the other side of the mountain.  The thing about mindfulness is, you have to stay diligent so that it is a way of life instead of just something to obtain when you are juggling too many balls in the air.

Ollie’s Treasure is a story about how simply noticing and taking in what is on offer to our senses can lead to the Holy Grail of treasure – happiness. Ollie’s Treasure takes children on a treasure hunt of mindfulness. Ollie’s grandma sends him a treasure map that promises to lead him to ‘something that will make him happy always’. Of course, Ollie thinks this ‘something’ will be a toy of some sort, but he gets both a rude shock and a big surprise when his treasure turns out to be him!

By following his grandmother’s treasure map, Ollie is taken on a journey of his senses, encouraged to notice what he can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. It comes as quite a surprise to him to realize that noticing such things makes him feel happy.  He found happiness not from any material possessions, but from his own mind.  LOVE.

About the Author:  Lynn Jenkins is a clinical psychologist, author and mother of three. Lynn is passionate about early intervention in the social and emotional development of children, and has written two previous picture books on the topics of anxiety and worry (‘Lessons of a LAC’ and ‘Brave’) as well as two non-fiction titles for adults, ‘Best Start’ and ‘School Start’.

About the Illustrator:  Kirrili Lonergan is a children’s book illustrator and mother of four. She has illustrated several picture books (‘Lessons of a LAC’, ‘Brave’ and ‘Dandelions’) as well as creating designs for clothes, prints and pottery. She is passionate about illustrating picture books that have a ‘healing’ message and has a great understanding of the need for such books as a result of her previous work as a pediatric nurse.

Ollie’s Treasure: Happiness is Easy to Find if You Just Know Where to Look! (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (On sale through Amazon.com)

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