“Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Twirly Play Dress by Princess Awesome

“Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Twirly Play Dress by Princess Awesome

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blastoff! Hot pink rockets blast off into space amidst curly contrails and other dainty details on this twirly-skirted play dress.

I was well aware I was the only female in my upper level Economics courses while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, but it never bothered me until……  My very well-respected professor told me in a History of Economics course, a small round table of very few students, that ‘women don’t do well in the field of economics.”  I didn’t study economics based on gender and I never thought getting a job as an economist might be difficult for me.  Turns out it took me a full 6 years until I landed a non-administrative job.  The bump in pay led me to getting a Master’s degree.  I don’t mind starting from the bottom and working my way to the top, but if being a young female made me a liability in my profession, I certainly saw that the beginning of my career.

My two daughters are full of spunk, curiosity, and are capable of wonderful analytical thinking and bright enough to tell jokes that I HONESTLY laugh at – not because I’m trying to be polite.  My oldest who excels at science and math (and reading!) already knows more about geology than I do.  My youngest is like a little parrot.  She soaks up information and retains it.  She will even repeat back things people have said while mimicking their speech.  It’s impressive!  Sure, both my girls want to look nice and at their age it’s about color and cuteness.  My girls rock their solar system shirts and butterfly life cycles skirts and it is because they are INTERESTED in that stuff.  Learning knows no gender and, as someone that enjoys macroeconomics, I am happy my girls gravitate to similar interests.

Dresses and dinos. Robots and ruffles. Clothes that rule. Like she does.

100% cotton jersey. Made ethically in Chicago, IL.

Princess Awesome is a wonderful clothing company that makes fantastic STEM clothes for girls.  Yay!  Brie’s favorite is the whimsical design elements of the awesome rocket ship dress.  The colors are beautiful, the fabric is full to do a proper twirl, and it even has little pockets (which usually ends up with rocks in them because – well, the geologist thing….)  “Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Twirly Play Dress by Princess Awesome is a perfect dress for my science-loving girls.  BLAST OFF!

About Princess Awesome:  Princess Awesome clothes are cut and sewn in a fantastic shop in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It has been in business for over 30 years and is run by a mother-daughter team. They are amazing partners and are instrumental in the development of their dresses.  Most of the factory’s employees are women, and, to accommodate their needs, the shop opens early and closes at 3pm each day so the seamstresses can pick up their kids from school.  LOVE!!!

“Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Twirly Play Dress by Princess Awesome


List Price: $ 39.95


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