My Very Own Space (Hardcover)


My Very Own Space (Hardcover)

A little rabbit is trying to read his book in peace, but there’s so much going on around him! Maybe he needs some space just for himself. .

As an introvert, I know exactly when I need to step away from my surroundings and retreat to reclaim some calm.  Even with two siblings, I was fortunate enough to have my very own room with a lock.  My room was always my sanctuary.  My own private area where I read a lot, watched TV, played guitar, and worked on my homework assignments.  This need for privacy has already begun for my first grader.  Her little sister likes to play with her things and many things Brooke likes to do, Brie is not old enough yet.  Brooke will say, “I need some privacy” and will step away and close her door.  It makes sense to me because she is growing up.  She needs quiet time to think, to read, to play; because reflection, stillness, and silence are important for our well-being.

Brooke and I enjoyed reading ‘My Very Own Space’ and because we are both older sisters, there was plenty we could discuss that involved little sisters and needing our space!  Parents may not think little children need time to themselves, but it’s good for the whole family to have downtime.  This book has minimal text that accompanies beautiful and sweet illustrations that explores ideas of personal space yet also the importance of sharing in a way that even little children (like Brooke’s little sis) can enjoy!

About the Author:  Pippa Goodhart is an award winning bestselling author, known for the Winne the Witch series and her collaborations with Nick Sharratt. She currently teaches at Cambridge University’s Institute for Continued Education.

About the Illustrator:  Rebecca Crane was born in Aberdeen and now lives in Australia. She studied illustration at Edinburgh University, followed by an MA in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins in London (graduating in 2015). Her work so far has been a combination of freelancing, teaching illustration to high school students and backstage work at a number of art festivals and theatres. Among her inspirations are folktales from Scandinavia and the Scottish and Irish coastlines.

My Very Own Space (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.95

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