I Am a Unicorn! (Hardcover)

I Am a Unicorn! (Hardcover)

“The brightly colored, cartoonlike illustrations with lots of funny farm animals work well with the zany content. A joyful expression of wishes made true.”
—Kirkus Review

Goat keeps telling Frog he is not a unicorn, but Frog truly believes he is one. Frog has a rainbow-colored (clip-on) tail, a pretty horn (party hat), and he can fly, too (on the swings).  On and on, Frog goes about his magical abilities. But Goat holds his ground. Frog is not a unicorn.

Finally, in frustration, Frog kicks his can of Magical Unicorn Sparkles. Boing, boing, it hits Sheep and Cow, and then BONK!—it lands on Frog. Sprinkles fall on Frog. And POOF—that’s when real magic happens. Frog IS a unicorn!

I Am a Unicorn! is a cool and irreverent take on unicorns, which continue to fascinate, no matter what side you’re on. This hipster-friendly story will appeal to the young and old, and for everyone who truly believes.

About the Author:  Michaela Schuett is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer, and an official draw-at-home mom, who looks forward to each library trip with her two children. She lives in Gahanna, Ohio.

I Am a Unicorn! (Hardcover)


List Price: $16.99


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