Plant Cell Cross-Section Model by Hand2Mind

Plant Cell Cross-Section Model by Hand2Mind

Educating students is the most important job in the world. We share your passion for student learning. Together we champion learning by doing.

Bring cells to life with a fun 3D model of plant cell cross-section that is soft, easy to carry, and adds a fun component to the learning experience.  This model of a plant cell splits in half to provide a cross-section view and make learning the parts of a plant cell easy and interactive. One half of the colorful foam model is labeled with the parts of the cell, and the other is labeled with letters only. Coordinates with the magnetic cell model.  This is a good hands on learning tool for elementary students.  It’s a great tool to have at students’ fingertips so they can compare and contrast the structures.

Cross-section model offers a view of the plant cell’s inner workings.  Included Activity Guide provides information about each labeled part.
  • Area of Focus: : Science
  • Subject: Plants (Science)
  • Product Type: Scientific Models (Science)
  • Age: 7-13
  • Grade: 2-8
  • Cell measures 5″L.
  • Item #: IN55373

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Plant Cell Cross-Section Model by Hand2Mind

List Price: $ 17.95


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