Cave Tools brand BBQ and Cooking products (Gifts for Dad) *Coupon Code*

Cave Tools brand BBQ and Cooking products (Gifts for Dad)

Cave Tools is a premium brand of grilling products!

It’s getting close to Father’s Day and my husband’s FAVORITE gifts center around grilling/BBQing.  Although it gets harder and harder to buy things for him in this realm since he seems to have every gadget on the market, he does have certain products that he continues to wear out.  Luckily, Cave Tools has some quality cooking products at my kind of prices!  Happy Father’s Day, Bob!  I can’t wait to taste what you cook next!

Pigtail Flippers (List Price: $14.99)

Flip – Turn – Grab – Move

The Only BBQ Utensil You’ll Ever Need

5 Giant Reasons Why Cave Tools Has the Best Pigtail Flippers on the Market

  1. This All In One Grill Tool is Incredibly Versatile and Replaces Your Spatula, Tongs, Fork
  2. Long Handled Pigtail Turner Protects Your Hands From The Heat When Flipping or Turning Food On The Barbecue or Smoke.
  3. Short Handled Pigtail Flipper Gives You Extra Control In The Kitchen So You Never Get Burnt By Bacon Grease Again!
  4. Ergonomic Handle Fits Snugly In Your Palm For Superior Grip
  5. 100% Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleanup
  6. Buy Now and Receive a Free Barbecue Recipe Book!

  7. 1 – Free download of “The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book” complete with DIY BBQ Sauce Recipes, Ribs, Chicken, Kabobs and More.

  8. 2 – Step By Step Directions Make These 25 Professional BBQ Recipes Great For The Family.

Vegetable Basket (List Price: $15.99)

The Ultimate Vegetable Grill Basket

You’ll Wonder How You Ever Grilled Veggies Without It

5 Giant Reasons Why Cave Tools Has the Best Grilled Veggie Basket on the Market:Grilled Veggie Flavor – Unlike aluminum foil, your vegetable basket lets in all the delicious BBQ flavors.

    1. Perfect Wok for Small Foods – Grilled Fruits, Vegetables, Shrimp, Meat, and any other food that would usually fall through the grill grates
    2. Sleek Curved Handle Design – Never Drop Your Finished Veggies on the Floor Again
    3. Convenient Side Dishes – No more pan frying your side dishes inside while cooking the entree out on the grill. With your new vegetable basket you can cook everything in one place
    4. Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Makes Cleanup a Breeze


    If at any point in the life of your BBQ Vegetable Basket, if you feel like you received less value than what you paid for it, Cave Tools will give you a full refund for your money. Even if you use your Barbecue Veggie Basket for an entire year, if you want your money back, Cave Tools will give you a full refund for your Grill Basket.

Cave Tools Coupon Code:  Use Coupon Code ‘VEGGIE15’ for the discount to the Cave Tools Vegetable Basket through

Cave Tools brand BBQ and Cooking products (Gifts for Dad)

List Price: $ 14.99-$15.99 (Each) (Available through Amazon Prime)

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