Glow to Sleep by Play Monster

Glow to Sleep by Play Monster

Glow to Sleep Musical Soother with Lights and Bluetooth

If I am ever asked by a soon-to-be-parent of what items they need for their baby, I always suggest a white noise machine.  In fact, our kids still use their white noise machines at night, much in the same way my husband has to have a fan on while he sleeps to block out any noises that may keep him awake.  There are so many different types of soothers for babies and children and I am very impressed by the new Grow to Sleep musical soother.

Musical soother with calming sounds and soft lights!

Babies bring joy and happiness to families, and they also bring changes and challenges. Children aren’t born knowing the difference between night and day, and it can take several months before they adapt to the 24-hour cycle and develop a sleep routine. So what do parents do in the meantime? They do what they can to soothe children and help them sleep, which is where Glow to Sleep comes in!

  • The perfect tool to help develop a nighttime routine for little ones!
  • Glowing LED light fades gently through a rainbow of colors
  • 10 built-in soothing sounds offer a wide variety for different preferences; Bluetooth compatible for custom sounds, songs or stories; micro SD card slot option as well
  • 30-minute auto off timer continual play; on/off option for lights; volume control for sound
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

Calm baby with soothing sounds

Play the included sounds or customize with your own sounds, songs or stories!

Features three sound modes with volume control:

  • Sound Effects: Choose one of the 10 included sounds and it will play continuously until you turn it off
  • Bluetooth: Connect your phone, tablet, computer, etc. to play your customized playlist and control it from your device
  • Micro SD Card: Record sounds, music or stories on your own micro SD card and it will play through once


Includes 10 different sound effects! Choose the ones that work best for your child:

  • Babbling brook
  • Car ride
  • Heartbeat
  • Lullaby
  • Soft rain
  • Rainforest
  • Rambling train
  • Ocean waves
  • White noise
  • Shushing

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Your own voice!

Sing songs and read stories to baby by recording them on your Bluetooth device or micro SD card.

Calm baby with soft lights!

Create a soothing ambiance with gentle lighting, and the lights also act as a night-light for parents peeking in on baby!

Note: There is an on/off option for lights.

Easy button controls

Choose sound mode and sounds, control volume, power button and more.

Power with backup battery

Use the included micro USB cord to plug in the unit; backup battery will last for about two to four hours.

Glow to Sleep by Play Monster

List Price: $ 33.27 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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