Lip Savers Gift Pack by Treat Beauty (Beauty for Moms)


Lip Savers Gift Pack by Treat Beauty (Beauty for Moms)

The Sweetest Gift!

For those of us that have dry cracked lips in the winter months, lip scrubs are the best lip products I have found to combat the dry and flakiness of my lips, which isn’t a pretty sight.  Plus, it HURTS to have dry and cracked lips.  UGH.  Finding lip scrubs that aren’t gimmicky, do their job, and smell delicious – on top of being all natural – is a no brainer to me, and I’m happy to talk about the effectiveness of the Lip Savers Gift Pack by Treat Beauty.  My lips have never felt (or smelled) so good!

The Lip Savers Gift Pack includes the all-important Sherbet Organic Lip Scrub which scrubs the dead ends of dry skin off your lips before you apply balm.  The scrub smells heavenly, like a wonderful citrus flavor, and makes my lips baby soft and ready for lip balm.  I have found that I only need to use the scrub a few times a week to keep my lips flake-free.  Yes!  I wear lip balm every day and Treat Beauty’s gift pack includes three of their popular lip balms of Soft Candy Vanilla Buttercream and Coconut Cream Organic that are in Jumbo Lip Balm containers.  The Sherbet Lip Scrub comes in a tube which is an extremely convenient way to apply the scrub.  My lips are always soft and happy the next day.  This gift pack is the perfect gift for yourself or someone on your list. The Treat lip products are not just a scented organic lip balm gimmick, it has a high quality in their products and the lip scrub actually works and smells delicious.  I love it!  Be sure to check out all of the organic lip balms in Treat Beauty’s product line.  I’m also a fan of their new Marshmallow Creme lip balm, too.  YUMMY!!!!

FREE SHIPPING!  Remember healthy beauty shipping is free on ALL orders $50 or more! Go ahead, Treat yourself to one or even two

Lip Savers Gift Pack by Treat Beauty (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $ 28.00

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