Hair Balm by HairStory (Beauty for Moms)

Hair Balm by HairStory (Beauty for Moms)

The craft and culture of great hair and the reinvention of hair products. Hairstory is the newest company from Bumble and bumble founder Michael Gordon.


Because manufacturers in the U.S. are not legally required to list the ingredients of fragrances, they often include synthetic substances such as phthalates which have been linked to issues with certain forms of cancer, diabetes and obesity. HairStory proudly list all of our naturally-derived fragrance ingredients (ranging from damask rose to ylang ylang flower oils) for your knowledge and well-being. And, we think the real thing smells a lot better than imitation.
Need I say more?  Better hair means you’ll need fewer products to style your way out of bad hair days which you won’t have anymore! A cleanser that doesn’t strip away all of the good things means less product used less often, and less money down the drain.

New Wash by HairStory *New Product Alert* (List Price: $40.00)

New Wash is HairStory’s hero product, a hair wash that completely replaces shampoo and conditioner, it has recently been making waves in the beauty industry in large part due to a growing population of consumers looking for alternatives to shampoo. New Wash cleanses with a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers, which respect the body’s natural moisture barrier that detergent destroys. It’s paraben-, pthalate- and sulfate-free, but most important it’s detergent-free. It’s also very gentle and great for children’s hair.

With a gentle cleanser like New Wash, the scalp isn’t being tricked into overproducing oil to compensate for the loss of its protective layer. This means that hair gets less oily less quickly, allowing you to go longer between washes. New Wash replaces not only shampoos, but conditioners, and masques as well and as a result you will not over-dry hair with harsh detergents! Finally, since you don’t need to condition, you’ll be using a lot less water in the shower.
If you do feel like trying New Wash, HairStory generally recommend it’s use alongside Hair Balm for the best results!

Hair Balm is as unique as New Wash; you can’t really understand it until you use it. What is Hair Balm? The word balm has such a nice ring to it, and has been used in skincare quite often, but not in hair. The foundation of Hair Balm is its moisturizing, nourishing base which is what makes it particularly great for dry, highly colored or bleached hair. It’s perfect for air-drying and can be used on any type of hair, wet or dry. Most traditional grooming cremes or brilliantines sit on the surface of the hair shaft and add unnecessary weight, but Hair Balm disappears into hair and actually enhances natural texture.  It is awesome for my curly/frizzy hair!

Hair Balm by HairStory (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $ 36.00 – $ 40.00


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