Spherical Cube Rainbow Ball Puzzle by Different Not Less (Local Austin Texas Company)

Spherical Cube Rainbow Ball Puzzle by Different Not Less (Local Austin Texas Company)

With you, every step of the way

“For autistic individuals to succeed in this world, they need to find their strengths and the people that will help them get to their hopes and dreams. To do so, the ability to make and keep friends is a must. Amongst those friends, there must be mentors to show them the way. A supportive environment where they can learn from their mistakes is what we as a society needs to create for them,” – Bill Wong, Autistic Occupational Therapist

Parenting is hard.  Parenting a child with special needs is especially hard if you don’t have the right support.  You can also look at it from an entirely different angle, and one I think is just as important.  A child with special needs will have a hard time if they do not have a supportive environment whether it is family, teachers, therapists, and friends.  So often it is the feeling of being disconnected that can cause issues with a child’s self-regulation, socialization and their feeling drained, stressed and anxious.  If there is one thing I have learned from occupational therapy, it is that making work FUN is like a magic key that unlocks a child’s potential.  It can seem hidden, clouded in isolation if you don’t exercise your brain and relieve your stress.

This toy means hours or brain engaging fun for kids, and we have seen the adults getting intrigued too. It’s a fantastic way to tap into your child’s hidden potential.  Many children with special needs do not have an issue with their intelligence, which makes their differences all the more noticeable to them.  Occupational therapy toys (yes, I will call them TOYS!) are great ways to improve coordination and confidence and even offer sensory solutions to help foster your child’s understanding of the surroundings through play.  The goal is simple:  we want every child to reach their fullest potential.  Companies like Different Not Less have made it their mission to help and support those who might be Different, but NOT LESS.

Spherical Cube Rainbow Ball Puzzle

What is this Spherical ball all about ?
  • This is a ball puzzle!  There are 12 color rings and 11 different colored balls. Disrupt the balls from its circle and let your child restore the ball back to the matched color hole. See the video! Check it out!  Watch the Puzzle Ball in Action!
Why should you buy this toy and how does it help your child?
  • The toy helps in relaxing the child’s body and brain
  • It helps to improve IQ, boosts intelligence, logical thinking ability, hand-brain coordination and helps the fingers to be more flexible
  • It also helps to improve the child’s divergent thinking and patience
Is this toy durable?
  • The puzzle is made of plastic  Hence the toy is quite durable
For what ages is this toy recommended for?
  • This toy is usually recommended for children above the age of 6 years

Another AWESOME product from Different, Not Less:

Three Sided Toothbrush – Dental care for the kids and adults with Special Needs (List Price: $7.97)

Among parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, almost half describe their child’s dental health as fair or poor, according to a study in the journal Pediatric Dentistry.  A visit to the dentist for an autistic child can be challenging. The sensory overload of strange smells, loud noises, a looming masked adult are just some of the factors. So this makes it doubly important to have dental care at home.  The wrist-work needed for brushing teeth can be challenging for some.  So after months of research work, Different Not Less came up with a Three Sided Toothbrush.  This toothbrush ensures that chore of tooth brushing gets done faster. Since it has 3 sides, it cleans front back and biting surface of the teeth at the same time – complete tooth coverage.  Check out a video HERE.

  • FASTER BRUSHING for overly sensitive children/adults

Visit Different, Not Less on Facebook HERE.

Spherical Cube Rainbow Ball Puzzle by Different Not Less (Local Austin Texas Company)


List Price: $ 17.94


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