Good Morning, Grizzle Grump! (Hardcover)

Good Morning, Grizzle Grump! (Hardcover)

Winter is over! Spring has sprung! Grizzle Grump has just woken up from his long winter slumber!

Good Morning, Grizzle Grump! is a wonderful follow-up to Goodnight, Grizzle Grump! (Hardcover) which I reviewed in October 2015!  In Goodnight, Grizzle Grump! (Hardcover) it was time for Grizzle Grump the bear to hibernate, and he can’t wait to sleep, so I love how we now get to see what happens when Grizzle Grump finally wakes up.  As you can imagine, his big bear belly is quite rumbly and so he sets off with his trusty squirrel sidekick in search of a springtime snack.

Unfortunately for Grizzle Grump, he is not having any luck in the food department after his long hibernation.  He gathers berries, but they go missing.  He catches fish, but they disappear.  Grizzle Grump finally finds his food…along with another big surprise!  In this follow-up to Goodnight, Grizzle Grump!, Aaron Blecha presents another lively read-aloud tale with a lot of heart and humor.  My girls are looking forward to another Grizzle Grump book to find out more about what adventures he goes on after hibernation!

About the Author/Illustrator:  Aaron Blecha is an artist who creates funny characters and illustrates humorous books, including two series, George Brown, Class Clown and Shark School. Aaron was raised by giant squid in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He now lives with his family by the south English seaside. This is the second book he’s written and illustrated. You can enjoy more of his weird creations at I recommend checking out The Burp Box if you have kiddos who are age 7+

Good Morning, Grizzle Grump! (Hardcover)

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