Boo! (Hardcover)


Boo! (Hardcover)

Scared you! This little mouse thinks he’s the bravest animal around, but it seems that he’s not the only one. . .


What a funny book!  My oldest daughter and I have one big thing in common; we were/are the smallest and youngest in classes at school.  While age difference seems to start to melt away when children get to high school, it’s usually very obvious the children who are the ones with late summer birthday and the ones that are almost an entire year older all in the same elementary class.  Children develop at different ages and ways for various reasons, but just because someone is small does not mean they are not strong or brave!

In the new book ‘Boo!’ all of the animals are keen to show off their bravery.  The crocodile shows off his mighty jaws and the tiger flexes her scary claws!  But who will be the bravest of them all?  The answer may just surprise you.  As I often say to my girls, bravery is being scared but doing it anyway.  This book perfectly illustrates that sentiment and was a great read for my little big kid.

About the Author:  Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator who has racked up an impressive list of clients including Penguin, the BBC, IBM, Lacoste, the Edingburgh Fringe Festival and the New York Times, amongst many others. Nowadays, he spends the majority of his time collaborating on the Professor Astro Cat children’s books with his longtime friend and scientist, Dr. Dominic Walliman, which are published by Flying Eye Books and have been translated into 18 languages.

Boo! (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 13.99

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