Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day (Hardcover)


Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day (Hardcover)

Bizzy the strange bird has decided: Today is Opposite Day!

Bizzy, the strange bird, and Dill, the odd duck, are back again with another wacky adventure.  When Bizzy wakes up early and on the wrong side of the bed, she convinces Dill that it means it is OPPOSITE DAY!  That’s right, dinner for breakfast and morning jogs instead of leisurely strolls, and Dill is starting to get annoyed.  He wasn’t interested in a loud dance party instead of his usual nap!  How can Dill convince Bizzy to stop the Opposite Day madness?  Well, this odd duck has a trick up his sleeve and he ponders if Opposite Day would mean it would turn his best friend into worst enemy!  Uh oh!  This playful picture book combines an original introduction to the concept of opposites with an eccentric but heartwarming friendship story. If today is truly Opposite Day, be prepared to hate this book!

About the Author:  Nora Ericson is the author of two picture books about Dill & Bizzy. She is the opposite of her big sister, Lisa, in every way. Well, except that they both grew up in Upstate New York, studied art at Yale University, and now live with their families in Portland, Oregon. But Nora loves olives, and that is very important. If you like olives too, please visit her at http://www.noraericson.com.

About the Illustrator:  Lisa Ericson is the illustrator of two picture books about Dill & Bizzy. She is definitely the opposite of her little sister, Nora. She loves cheese, turquoise, and Halloween. Oh wait, Nora loves those things, too! But Lisa hates olives, and that is indeed important. If you dislike olives too, please visit her at http://www.lisaericson.com.

Dill & Bizzy: Opposite Day (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99

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