Soakees Slip-On and Tie Foot Soaking Booties (Beauty for Moms)


Soakees Slip-On and Tie Foot Soaking Booties (Beauty for Moms)

Soakees are focused on helping others get the simple yet effective stress busing – foot soothing 20 minute Zen of a foot soak – WITHOUT ever needing to use or lift a heavy messy pan on the floor ever again!
Relaxing foot tub can be a great stress-reliever for painful feet, but there is a new SAFE clean water pedicure called Soakees that is free from mess and simple to use even for those who are immobile.  Soakees “Slip-On and Tie” Foot Bath Booties comes with free Soaking Salts and only needs a few cups of water per foot for a good floor foot soaking tub.  There are so  many benefits to using Soakees such as pain relief, ice therapy, detox, de-stress, decompress, treating foot issues, to even help stop ‘stinky’ feet!  Need an easy way to pamper your feet?  Try Soakees!
Soakees allows you the freedom to soak, ice, or cool your feet and lower legs absolutely anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Soakees is a new lightweight alternative to the 25 pounds of water needed in a floor foot “spa” tubs.  It’s perfect for the athlete, runner, dancer, hiker or athlete – anyone who moves rapidly on their feet – will love Soakees.  It’s a great way for warm water soaking for foot and toe pain relief from poor fitting shoes, soften ingrown toenails, bunions or corns from high heels, soften hard calluses, stop foot ODOR, treat athlete’s foot OR use them to just de-stress and relax. Soakees Booties fits any size foot and are endlessly reusable. Their unique design keeps ice therapy colder longer and warm water warmer longer. In a wheelchair? No problem! Out of town and in a hotel room? No Problem! Use Soakees anywhere. Got a foot? You NEED Soakees!  Yum!
Soakees comes with:
  • Set of 2 – lightweight alternative to heavy tubs of water on the floor
  • Portable – convenient – comes with salts – great for icing injuries and foot soaking for pain relief
  • Medical grade vinyl – use for any ice therapy or with warm water and any salts, oils or Rx solution
  • Endlessly reusable – rolls up to stick in gym bag, pocket, suitcase or purse – disinfect with any anti-bacterial cleaner
  • Needs only 3 cups of water per foot Use anywhere anytime and anyplace
Soakees Instructions:
  • Prepare several cups of your favorite soaking solution.
  • Test the water for temperature.
  • Slip the empty Soakee onto your foot.
  • Add your soaking solution to the Soakee to just above your ankle. Caution – Do NOT overfill.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing foot soak. The average foot soak time is 20 minutes.
  • Slip your foot out of the Soakee and THOROUGHLY dry your wet foot. Then, empty your Soakee in the sink.
  • To clean, rinse your Soakee with water or, to sanitize, use a hospital-grade sanitizer. Allow to dry.

soak2After use dump out the water, rinse out, dry interior with a towel and fold up until next time. Throw away those big heavy foot bath tubs and slip on Soakees.


Soakees Slip-On and Tie Foot Soaking Booties (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $ 19.95 + S&H

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