My Happy Place: A Children’s Self-Reflection and Personal Growth Journal (Paperback)


My Happy Place: A Children’s Self-Reflection and Personal Growth Journal (Paperback)

**The perfect gift for the children in your life. **

My oldest daughter is a fantastic reader who has such a big imagination.  I’ve been trying ways to encourage her to express herself through writing and I found a wonderful journal that has prompts of creative exercises, questions, and activities that does just that.  “My Happy Place” is more than a journal, it’s a guide for self-discovery and reflection.  Writing is a huge part of my life, but it wasn’t always that way.  When I found things that I was passionate about, I learned that gathering my thoughts to write in a free-form actually improved my ability to write succinct and thought-provoking work.  Being able to sit and think and write your thoughts is a wonderful gift and giving my daughter a journal not only has helped her want to write more, she actually enjoys it.  Yes, yes, YES!


Each page of “My Happy Place” is beautifully illustrated with lots of designs and color with special places to fill in your thoughts or illustrations.  I’ve been going over each page and talking to Brooke about each one before I give her space to write.  While I am not going to pry into my daughter’s personal thoughts on the page, it’s exciting to see that she is really into the writing activities.  I can see “My Happy Place” becoming a wonderful keepsake for her to read when she gets older.  I definitely understand why “My Happy Place” is a #1 Amazon best-selling journal!


My Happy Place helps:

  • Empower kids to express themselves creatively through writing, drawing, pasting and coloring in.
  • Unlock their feelings, hopes, and dreams.
  • Deepen their insight into who they are.
  • Build confidence and better relationships.
  • Give them an awareness of the important role they play in the lives of others and the world.
  • Teach them the fundamental habits of happiness to set them on a path to live a fulfilled and happy life.


Check it out!  Purple Splash Studios also offers another awesome way to encourage kids to reflect and write with their “My Gratitude and Dream Journal”.


My Happy Place: A Children’s Self-Reflection and Personal Growth Journal (Paperback)

List Price: $ 12.04 (on sale through!)

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