Ohio Homesick Candle


Ohio Homesick Candle

Fill Your House with Home!

Here’s a fun Ohio fact for you:  the Ohio state flower, the Scarlet (red) carnation became official in 1904 in honor of President Willian McKinley, an Ohioan who was assassinated in office in 1901.  McKinley liked to wear a red carnation on the lapel of his jacket.  Another fun Ohio floral fact is that the Lonicera japonica or Japanese honeysuckle is one of the most invasive weed that threatens native plant habitats in the area I grew up.  However, it is also very pleasant smelling with sweet nectar you can eat.  When I think of the smells of my native home, carnation and honeysuckle come to mind.  That’s why when I heard about Homesick Candles and their Ohio soy candle, I knew I wanted one for my home.  It’s yummy, lasts for up to 80 hours of burn time and reminds me of home.  I love Austin, but I miss my home state a lot, so it’s nice to bring a touch of the SE Ohio Valley to Texas.  YUM!  Look for your own home state at Homesick Candles to fill your own house with home.

* Scent takes you back to the Buckeye state with hints of carnation and honeysuckle
* Made from all natural soy wax in the USA
* Typical burn time is 60 – 80 hours
* Candles weigh 13.75 oz each
* Hand-poured


About Homesick Candle (Product Labs Inc):   Homesick Candles are created by a group of friends who relocated from states they still feel close to. They worked hard to perfect the scent of each state we craft a candle for to create that feeling of home, wherever you may be.  They hand pour each of Homesick Candle, using materials 100% made In the USA in New York, NY.

Ohio Homesick Candle


List Price: $ 29.95

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