A Perfect Day (Hardcover)


A Perfect Day (Hardcover)

Today is was a perfect day for Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and Squirrel!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What better way to kick off this day of love than to talk about the new children’s picture book by Lane Smith called A Perfect DayA Perfect Day highlights Lane’s trademark humor and ability to overturn expectations. He was inspired to write this book after observing the many different animals in the yard behind his studio, including a bear. In the book, each animal is having their own version of ‘a perfect day’ until Bert the Bear comes crashing into the story to have his own version of ‘a perfect day’….which pretty much spoils the fun for the rest of the backyard bunch.

Cat is lounging among the daffodils. Dog is sitting in the wading pool, deep in the cool water. Chickadee is eating fresh seed from the bird feeder. Squirrel is munching on his very own corncob. Today is a perfect day in Bert’s backyard.  That is – until Bear comes along and crushes the daffodils, drinks the pool water, and happily gobbles up the birdseed and corncob.  Today was a perfect day for Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and Squirrel. Now, it’s just a perfect day for Bear.  How can all the animals live in harmony with this very egocentric mammal around?



This is a funny book that is also about the importance of collaboration because we all have to share this rock called Earth and living together in harmony will always paint the landscape for a perfect day.  Lane Smith uses perfect pacing and vibrant illustrations to emphasize the power of perspective in this hilarious picture book about the goings-on in Bert’s backyard. It’s a total delight, and especially perfect for when we finally head in to springtime.  Love!

Check it out!  Download the activity kit for “A Perfect Day” HERE!

About the Author/Illustrator:  Lane Smith is the award-winning author of Grandpa Green, It’s a Book, and the middle-grade novel Return to Augie Hobble, among others. In 2012, the Eric Carle Museum named him a Carle Artist for “lifelong innovation in the field of children’s picture books,” and in 2014, he was awarded the lifetime achievement award from the Society of Illustrators. He lives in an old house in Connecticut with the designer Molly Leach, pondering the goings-on in his own backyard.

A Perfect Day (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (On sale at Amazon.com)

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