Pretend Makeup “Essentials” Set by Cutegirl Cosmetics


Pretend Makeup “Essentials” Set by Cutegirl Cosmetics

Cutegirl Cosmetics is a Toy.  A Fake Pretend Makeup Set that does not apply to skin. 

I did a double – no, a TRIPLE – take when I saw the Cutegirl Cosmetics because they look incredibly realistic.  I had to touch and feel them for myself to make sure it really was just pretend make-up.  The colors, shapes, look, and feel is so close to the real thing, I think it could fool any make-up artist at a glance.  Of course, though, there’s no mess because it isn’t REAL make-up. Why was I so excited about getting a set of fake make-up?  I was SO excited about the Pretend Make-up Essentials Set for my youngest daughter.  She’s just three (which is the recommended age for Cutegirl Cosmetics), and she is already fascinated by mommy’s make-up.  One day she grabbed one of my nice cosmetic brushes *YIKES!* and refused to give it back.  In her mind, it was now hers and she was rubbing it all over her face.  I thought getting her a cheapie-brush might help, but she was not fooled.  However, the incredibly realistic looking pretend makeup by Cutegirl has been perfect for my little one.

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Makeup set includes:

  • Pink and Purple Nail Polish
  • Blue Ocean Glitter Pot
  • Silver Moon Glitter Pot
  • Compact
  • Pink/Purple Eye Shadow
  • Set of Real Brushes
  • Pink Blush
  • BubbleGum Pink Lipstick (Made out of Silicone)
  • Polka Dot Makeup Bag


Cutegirl pretend makeup is perfect for creative playing. Of course, nothing is actually being applied from the fake cosmetics. It’s for pure pretending and pure fun.


About Cutegirl Cosmetics:  They are a start-up in California that is quite fanatical about creating cool products.  But not just cool products- cool products of value.  Cutegirl Cosmetics believe that if they provide value, then they are doing things right.  Don’t forget to check out their website for all of their pretend cosmetics including additional sets and individual items.  Your child loses a brush?  No problem – you can easily replace it through

Pretend Makeup “Essentials” Set by Cutegirl Cosmetics

List Price: $ 21.95

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