“We Stood Up” Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement CD


“We Stood Up” Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement CD

Celebrates the Legacies of Feedom, Opportunity, and Equality in America

We Stood Upa new anthology album for children, featuring interviews with civil rights leaders, songs, stories and poetry. This album is available for FREE to teachers, libraries, and community groups. Leaders of the civil rights movement are featured on We Stood Up, an anthology album to inspire kids with interviews and songs about freedom, opportunity and equality. Young people read the Emancipation Proclamation and interview leaders including John Lewis, Andrew Young, Shirley Franklin and Julian Bond. The title song features the voices of kindie stars like Tim Kubart, David Tobocman, Mista Cookie Jar, The Hollow Trees and Renee Stahl, plus soulful singer Sarah Dash. We Stood Up is available via iTunes.  “We Stooof Up” is available free to educators and nonprofit groups at this link.  All sales from there benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia. We Stood Up was created and sponsored by Lincoln Financial Foundation as part of their ongoing “Lincoln’s Legacy” project.

“These remarkable stories, stories, songs, and poems are meant to be shared and we want as many children as possible to hear them.  It’s our hope that the collection inspires children to believe they can achieve great things in their own life, ” said Nancy Rogers, president of the Lincoln Financial Foundation.  “Whether it’s in the classrooms, in librarians, or in afterschool programs, we believe that “We Stood Up” should be available wherever and whenever children are listening.  That’s why we’re inviting teachers and nonprofit groups to download the album for free.”

Tracking Listing

  1. Abraham Lincoln “May Our Children”
  2. Freedom Opportunity Quality (song)
  3. The Value of Freedom (Intro)
  4. The Meaning of Freedom (Interview Excerpts)
  5. Free to Be (song)
  6. The Meaning of Freedom (Interview Excerpts, Continued)
  7. Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird”
  8. A Reading of “The Emancipation Proclamation”
  9. Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement (Intro)
  10. Dr. Harold L. Martion St. on Inequality as a Child
  11. What Inspired the Nonviolent Movement?
  12. The Honorable John Lewis on Nonviolence
  13. “Love” (song)
  14. The Honorable Julian Bond on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  15. The Honorable Andrew Jack Young Jr. on Nonviolence
  16. Was it Dangerous During the Civil Rights Movement?
  17. The Honorable Julian Bond on Sit-Ins
  18. The Honorable John Lewis on Sit-Ins
  19. Franklin McCain on Sit-Ins
  20. “We Stood Up” (song)
  21. Isiah Tidwell on Dr. Marter Luther King Jr.’s Commencement Speech
  22. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have No Despair”
  23. The Honorable Shirley Franklin on the March on Washington
  24. The Honorable John Lewis on the March on Washington
  25. “No More Us & Them (song)
  26. Rabbi Harry Sky on the March on Washington
  27. The Honorable John Lewis on the March on Washington (continued)
  28. The Civil Rights Act
  29. Sonia Sanchez’s “Catch the Fire”
  30. Continuing the Legacy (Intro)
  31. Leaving a Legacy (Interview Excerpts)
  32. “Education” (song)
  33. The Honorable Henry E. Frye and Shirley Frye on Following Your Dreams
  34. The Honorable Shirley Franklin on Following Your Dreams
  35. Rashard Jones on Following Your Dream
  36. “Some Thinks” (song)
  37. Dr. Bernard C. Watsone on a Vision for the Next Generation
  38. Isiah Tidwell on a Vision for the Next Generation
  39. The Honorable Shirley Franklin on a Vision for the Next Generation
  40. The Honorable John Lewis on a Vision for the Next Generation
  41. Abraham Lincoln “May Our Children”

Check it out!  Educators and community groups may download the album  and related curricula for free from this link: http://www.lfg.com/songsandstories 

“We Stood Up: Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement” Celebrates the Legacies of Freedom, Opportunity and Equality in America

Audio Anthology of Songs and Stories Features Contributions from Julian Bond, Franklin McCain, Shirley Franklin and Other Leaders, Artists and Visionaries

The Lincoln Financial Foundation releases an audio anthology for children, “We Stood Up: Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement.” The new album includes excerpts from interviews with some of the most influential voices on civil rights and social change, including the late Julian Bond and Franklin McCain, as well as former Atlanta mayor, Shirley Franklin, and current Congressman, John Lewis. “We Stood Up” is available on iTunesAll proceeds from the sale of the collection will go to the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia. The educational album is also available as a free download to schools, libraries and nonprofits that serve children. The educators’ information and download page is at: www.lfg.com/songsandstories

In addition to the interview excerpts, the album features original songs performed by children and family music artists including the 2016 children’s album Grammy winner Tim Kubart. The anthology album was produced by Philadelphia-based Emmy Award-winning composer, Rodney Whittenberg , and the release is on the Clamorhouse label. “We Stood Up” also includes a reading of the legendary Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird,” by her great-granddaughter Caylin Johnson, and renowned poet Sonia Sanchez recites her poem, “Catch the Fire.”

Lincoln Financial has released the anthology as part of Lincoln’s Legacy, the organization’s multiyear initiative focused on commemorating the values of its namesake, Abraham Lincoln, and the 150th anniversaries of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment. For access to the complete anthology interviews, as well as to video of the oral histories from other contributors to the Lincoln’s Legacy initiative, please visit https://www.lfg.com/public/lincolnslegacy/oralhistories.

Additional Resources for Teachers:  Teachers who visit lfg.com will find a small section of lesson plans for free download.  These lesson plans are written by fellow teachers and are intended to provide context and perspective to the existing curriculum.  Lincoln will add to the collection of lesson plans during the school year using a variety of the oral histories recorded over the past three years.

About Lincoln Financial Group:  Lincoln’s Legacy is designed to inspire the hopes and dreams of children and young adults with stories of those who have achieved the American dream. That’s why they are recording interviews with influential people who can help make the connection between the history of freedom, opportunity and equality in America — and the promise Lincoln’s Legacy holds today.  They want to motivate young people with powerful words and inspirational stories. Their goal is to record and collect a variety of interviews and a range of stories. Ultimately, they will develop an educational curriculum around these stories and plan to distribute it free to schools and community centers across the country.

“We Stood Up” Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement CD


List Price: $ 9.99 (You may qualify to get this album FOR FREE s0 check out lfg.com for more information)

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