The Mother Dirt Bundle – Biome-friendly products for your family


The Mother Dirt Bundle

Biome-friendly products in a subscription bundle: the AO+ Mist, Shampoo, and Cleanser

Sometimes a sentence in an article stays with you and you want to try something out.  “We kill it in the bathroom, but we drink it in yogurt.”  If you want to know what is being discussed it is bacteria and I conveniently linked to the article if you want to read about all about the benefits of ‘good’ bacteria.  I am known to read and write about my personal hippie-dippy nature of trying to live ‘more natural’ and I admit, sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t.  I was raised in a family where recycling was required yet eating margarine (which at one time was considered healthier than butter!  *Shudder*) was accepted.  There was always a conflict between healthy vs. easy vs. expense.  I grew up around farm land and little industry yet I lived in a house with a decent yet small yard and the convenience of fast-paced society became a reality when we moved to a city that had more than ten thousand people when I was 9.  Was sugar bad?  Why are expensive products I’d save up to purchase to ‘control’ my frizzy hair turning it to a straw-like consistency?  Why do I feel better when I drink more water?  Why is the air and water around me polluted and how is that affecting me?  I would think about these things and as a newly minted teenager, I was introduced by a friend to all-natural living and aromatherapy and something clicked in me.  Ahhhh, perhaps health and wellness were linked to everything I consumed even more than I realized!  It made sense but didn’t always seem to be a practical approach when I was struggling to pay my bills.  When everyone around you is doing something different, you are skeptical with trying something new, but I absorbed a lot of the all-natural tendencies as best as I could as I grew older.


My want of providing a more natural way to live for my family often clashes with the hectic daily grind of a busy schedule in a family with two young children.  When your day begins at 5 in the morning, you may reach for something because it’s easy and we slacked off at times in 2016.  When you are on a budget, it may seem more economical to grab whatever is on sale.  It’s dinnertime, I’m tired, and I don’t want to prepare a meal from scratch.  You get it, right?  Yet, I know that when I cut down on toxic products, I feel better, and the truth of it is, it can be just as easy to make fresh whole foods than pick up a pre-packaged meal.  You can get the more expensive products aimed at restoring or maintaining health because it cuts down on having to get other products you may purchase to keep remediate the issues that were caused by toxic products in the first place.  See what I mean?  When I read about Mother Dirt products towards the end of 2016, I wanted to try them out and it all started because I read the above article regarding bacteria.

Bacteria on your skin – ummm ewwww, right?  Not exactly! 

If you have balanced microbiome (AKA GOOD bacteria) on your skin, it can improve its hydration, oil production and even improve body odor and soothe skin ailments.  Really?!  Yes, really.  The problem is that in our anti-bacterial lifestyle, we end up killing both bad and good bacteria on our bodies.  Now, I get it (and know many people in the healthcare industry), we don’t want bad bacteria around us, but how do we get or keep good bacteria to get the maximum benefits from it?

It starts with restoring AOB on your body which stands for Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria. Most of our cleaning and body care products take actually takes away the AOBs in your body which causes an imbalance of microbiome.  Mother Dirt products aim to restore skin’s microbiome “and potentially impact a wide variety of human health conditions”.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist is at the heart of this company’s product (also the most expensive) and it is a live probiotic spray for the skin.  The Mother Dirt shampoo and cleanser do not contain AOB but they are designed to be replacement cleansers and shampoos and maintain the good bacteria on your body.  Users of Mother Dirt products were raving about how they were able to cut down (sometimes even cut out) cosmetic products in their life like soaps, deodorants, and moisturizers with Mother Earth’s body mist, shampoo, and cleanser because of the good bacteria.  I personally could not cut back on deodorant or conditioner (I have extra dry, curly hair) but I did discover that my hair and my body felt better and more conditioned using Mother Dirt products, and I was able to cut back on how much I was using.  I count that as nice baby steps to AOB living!

Mother Dirt Products Restore and Maintain Good Bacteria on Your Skin


Mother Dirt AO+ MIST (List Price: $49.00) 3.4 fluid ounce bottle containing 550 sprays, or about 20 sprays per day (one month supply)

Shake before each use. Focus on sweat prone areas. Mist twice a day or more (after showering, before workouts, and even before bed).

  • Preservative-free. Fragrance-free. Kid-friendly. Sensitive skin-friendly
  • Clinically researched & patented.
  • Contains live AOB (Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria).
    Strain: Nitrosomonas eutropha

md3Spray where you sweat!

The spray feels like you are misting water on your body but it does give my skin a very soft feeling after use.  I keep the spray in the refrigerator as per Mother Dirt’s instructions since it can increase the shelf life to 6 months as opposed to 1 in room temperature, so the cold spray does feel refreshing.  You feel clean, although not ‘shower’ clean, so I just began using it after my shower.  As someone with very dry and sometimes itchy skin, I did notice a difference in enjoying higher moisture content and even clearer skin after using the product for a month.  I did not expect the mist to help with acne, and I’m not sure if this was a combination of not using my usual moisturizer or just the spray, but my skin is clear after using it for the last few weeks.  I don’t have problem acne, but certainly have prone acne areas and a clean and clear face was a happy side effect of using this mist for me.

Ingredients in AO+ Mist include: Water, live cultured ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), disodium phosphate, and magnesium chloride.

AOB is very sensitive to modern cleaning products and the company notes that a single use of convention soap is likely to wipe them out.  Wow!  Read more about the science behind AOM on Mother Dirt’s official science section here:


Mother Dirt Shampoo (List Price: $15.00)

Use on wet hair, lather up (yes, it does lather as stated!), and rinse. Mother Dirt has found that 20% of their users find they can skip conditioner altogether. Those with thicker or curlier hair typically still need it. Find what works for you.

The shampoo comes out in a foam with a pump and has a very mild clean scent and a watery feel.  It is a very gentle formula and it helped to keep my scalp moisturized.  I have curly, dry hair, so I haven’t stopped using conditioner, but I have been using less and less of it.  Overall, I didn’t notice a major difference from the normal shampoos I use (which are mostly natural stuff I get at Whole Foods) and Mother Dirt, but I also don’t know how the other shampoos react with the good bacteria on my body.  I decided I should continue using it for an additional month to see if I notice a bigger difference the longer I use it.


Mother Dirt Cleanser (List Price: $15.00)

Use on the face and body, just like you would any cleanser or body wash. Pump into your hands, lather onto wet skin, and rinse. Less is more – no need to lather up every square inch.

The cleanser comes out in a foam with a pump and the foam actually comes out quite thick.  I actually enjoyed using this cleanser and I felt very clean after each use.  While it doesn’t seem all that different than user other cleaners I get at natural food stores, the purpose of the cleanser is to maintain the good AOB bacteria on your skin, which is important when you are using the AO+ Mist.

Final Thoughts!

Overall, I learned a great deal from my bacteria experience and I was happy that I took the Mother Dirt challenge.  One of my takeaways is that I like the ‘good’ bacteria movement, although it is almost impossible to go a day without wondering, “Is that public bathroom soap going to kill the AO+ Mist?” because the answer is almost always, “YES!”  I even tried to look for a list on AOB-friendly products and I couldn’t find any information.  For example, are the no-dye, scent-free, natural detergents we use helping or hurting?  I realized there were too many variables in our modern lives and I call it a bacteria movement above because if AOB bacteria is needed in our lives, more AOB-friendly cosmetics and products need to be on the market and in use for it to stay (pun intended) ‘alive’. That, or get used to carrying the Mother Dirt cleanse with you wherever you go….

I did notice a difference in my skin with the AO+ Mist and the most notable difference this last month was my elbows.  Yes, my elbows, which for whatever reason, are becoming two very dry patches of skin on my body and the oils I have been using only went so far to help it.  The AO+ Mist made them almost sting the first few days I tried it and then, almost magically, the dryness started to *gasp* go away.  My elbows now look and feel normal.  I actually thought the dryness was just a sign of age and something I would live with, but apparently I just needed some good bacteria to fix the issue.  They feel AWESOME and I don’t want it to go away!

Price is certainly a factor if you are considering the good bacteria lifestyle.  $49 a month is a lot to spend to spray live bacteria on your body, even though I saw the benefit – and Mother Dirt seems to be the only like-product on the market.  Is the expense in storage, shipping, or just capturing AOB for the spray?  I don’t know.  As much as I’d like to continue down the AOB road, I don’t know if my wallet can handle it.  I’m not to the point where I can give up using deodorant or conditioner, but there are many people who claim they can and do, so the cost for them makes sense.  Final Thoughts:  If you see and feel the benefit of AOB from the AO+Mist and can handle the cost and diligence in keeping your good bacteria safe, Mother Dirt is certainly an awesome bundle.  Here’s to good bacteria!

Mother Dirt Purchase Information and Price Breakdown:

Mother Dirt products are currently only available from the online store, where you’ll find the three products available at the prices listed below:

  • AO+ Mist: $49
  • Cleanser: $15
  • Shampoo: $15
  • Mother Dirt Bundle (includes all three products): $69

The products are designed to be a one month supply for each.  The cleanser and shampoo have a one month expiration date from the date of use.  You should have no problem using the products within one month.  Please note that all of the products are airline compliant, too!

Check out for a complete list of products available including the Mother Dirt moisturizer!

About Mother Dirt:  Mother Dirt is a Cambridge, MA company that began to create products that rethink health. Their company was the first one that created products to nurture the good bacteria of the skin. Mother Dirt’s AO+ Mist (launched in June 2014) created a huge demand was followed up with other products that have been formulated, screened and tested for their friendliness to the skin biome.  They build awareness and camaraderie across the industry as a whole to help more companies formulate with a healthy biome in mind.

The Mother Dirt Bundle

List Price: $69.00


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