Chiqui Music Boom Spanish/English Album by Flor Bromley (Music for Families) (Bilingual)


Chiqui Music Boom Spanish/English Album by Flor Bromley (Music for Families) (Bilingual)

Flor Bromley bilingual singer releases children’s album!
Sometimes the  music world can be so isolating for new musicians, it’s hard to discover those little gems.  Let me help you out by introducing you to one of my new favorite musicians for my family!  Flor Bromley is a native Peruvian who is a bilingual singer/songwriter that is also an accomplished actress, storyteller, and puppeteer!  Flor has quite the resume.  She holds several degrees including a theater degree from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and a degree in Education she earned in Lima, Peru.  Flor has an impressive background in theater and has had a handful of minor roles on television as well as the lead role in ‘Necesito Una Amiga’ on Univision.  It was Flor’s love of music combined with her love of working and performing with children that inspired her to start creating bilingual music for the imagination following drama school.

“Chiqui Music Boom” is Flor Bromley’s debut album that is a musical experience that encompasses rhythms and sounds from around the world including Peruvian Festejo, Brazilian Samba, Mexican Mariachi, Bluegrass, and Rock n’ Roll.  Flor has such a sweet yet powerful voice and all of the beautiful instruments shine with her backing harmony.  Each song stands on its own and given this is just an 8 album track, I think we are only getting a small taste of what Flor will do in the future.  Her background on stage means that her shows look fun and include a lot of audience participation, which is exactly what I want when going to a concert.  I’m hoping she comes to Austin soon, so we can all check out her show live.  I know it will be a blast.  Sure, it’s a children’s music album, but Flor’s music can be enjoyed by adults and families of all ages and I love the seamless way she goes from Spanish to English.  The words all flow nicely in her songs and I am a huge fan of our family being exposed to bilingual music.  It is a fun way to learn language and Flor’s music is not forced – it just IS.  Beautiful!

Track Listing:

  1. Hola
  2. Kitty
  3. The Zoo
  4. Hibernation
  5. De Colores
  6. Las Aves Vuelan
  7. I Am Crazy for Books
  8. It’s Time to Say Goodnight

Check it out!  Flor Bromley Chiqui Music Boom Promo on YouTube!

About Flor Bromley:  Flor is a bilingual recording artist, actress, singer/songwriter, storyteller and puppeteer. She is originally from Lima, Peru where she graduated from La Escuela de Teatro de la Universidad Catolica with a degree in Acting and Theatre Education. In 2007, she moved to New York to live in her dream city. She is a Musical Theatre graduate from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA NY). She performs all around NYC with her musical/storytelling shows at acclaimed venues and events such as the NYPL, WaveHill, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling, The NY Children’s Theatre Festival, and El Museo del Barrio.

Chiqui Music Boom Spanish/English Album by Flor Bromley (Music for Families) (Bilingual)

List Price: $ 7.92 (MP3 Album via

“Chiqui Music Boom” is available online at iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon Music and other related digital outlets.

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