A New Album of Original Songs by Keith Munslow and Bridget Brewer “Big Buncha Buddies”


 A New Album of Original Songs by Keith Munslow and Bridget Brewer “Big Buncha Buddies”

Inspired by Sketch Comedy and the Ups and Downs of Friendship,the Collaborative Album Arrives on January 13

Keith Munslow, a multiple award-winning songwriter, storyteller, cartoonist and improv comedy performer, teams up with a fresh new voice in family music, Bridget Brewer, for a harmonious salute to the ups and downs of friendship. A collaboration among a big bunch of “goofs, music makers, adventurers, and creators of wild, crazy music that’s fun for the whole family,” the rootsy 11 songs of Big Buncha Buddies, are now available for purchase.  I found the album to be poignant and brings up big but beautiful topics like love and empathy for others and being kind to each other.

I’ve reviewed a previous CD by Munslow called Tiny Destroyer, which I love.  Keith Munslow is a multiple award-winning songwriter, storyteller, cartoonist and improv comedy performer that is also a parent.  His last album had wonderful family songs from different perspectives with comedic effect.  Babies smelling coffee breath (with ‘Coffee Breath’ being the breakout song of the record and SiriusXM Satellite Radio hit) to fighting for the last chicken wing – let’s face us – we American families are a sitcom waiting to happen.  Munslow brings his quick wit and wry perspective on family life to these new songs and he brings a piano-forward, fully orchestrated sound to the songs of Big Buncha Buddies.

Munslow and Brewer began writing songs together a couple of years ago, when they were both creating musical sketch comedy pieces at the The Empire Revue in Providence, Rhode Island. Brewer is a published fiction writer and recent Brown University MFA graduate who is currently working on a book in Mexico City. As the songs came together, the two artists brought in other performers and began recording and performing before live audiences of families. Most of the songs were created collaboratively, with Brewer taking the lead for the poignant story-song about an unloved cetacean, “The Loneliest Whale,” and Munslow drawing on his parenting experiences for songs like “Don’t Grow Up Too Fast.” Fans have been so supportive and enthusiastic that they helped the duo exceed their Kickstarter campaign goal to create this album.  Wow!

What does Big Buncha Buddies Mean to You?

The creative process has been smooth.“These songs came together very quickly and naturally,” notes Munslow.  “All of the songs on Big Buncha Buddies relate in some way to learning to be a friend.”

Brewer, who had never written a children’s song before this project, reflects on the deeper meanings in these seemingly light and humorous songs:  “In the end, the only thing that matters is loving someone, feeling empathy for someone, no matter how different you are. No matter if that someone is a stick pony your grandma gave you, a battered stray dog you found on the side of the highway, or a kid who is so different from you everyone makes fun of you as you walk down the street. You love them and you see how good they are and you hold their hand and you walk through this terrible world with them, both of you a little less alone.”

Big Buncha Buddies Track Listing:

  1. Big Buncha Buddies
  2. Stray Dog
  3. That Was A Bad Idea
  4. Stick Pony
  5. Jilly The Ghost
  6. The Loneliest Whale
  7. Bridgie B.
  8. Tall And Small
  9. It’s An Advendure
  10. Why Did You Teach Me That Word
  11. Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Art Fans!  I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the cool colorful comics-style cover art of the album by Eric Fulford and album design by Stuart Wilson.  Totally awesome!

Check it out!  Brewer will return to Providence in the spring, when the duo will perform an album release celebration concert.  For more information about Big Buncha Buddies and Keith and Bridget’s upcoming music and tour dates, visit www.keithmunslow.com .

 A New Album of Original Songs by Keith Munslow and Bridget Brewer “Big Buncha Buddies”


List Price: $ 12.00 (also available for digital download via CDBaby and iTunes)

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