Four reasons to love Urban Market Bags


Four reasons to love Urban Market Bags

The smartest reusable bag system available. Comes in sets of 3 or 6 and are completely washable!

You know when you are in Austin, Texas when you go to a store and there is no plastic or single-use paper bags at checkout.  Austin has been bagless since banning paper and plastic single-use bags since March 1, 2013.  No matter who you are, everyone needs reusable bags. That’s why those in the know have sought out Urban Market Bags ® — which is an awesome bag system designed for everyone.


Four reasons why we love Urban Market Bags:

  1. 3 or 6 bags per drawstring pack (a real solution)
  2. Contemporary colors (look great)
  3. High quality, durable, and machine washable (truly reusable)
  4. Fits in a handbag or the cup holder of your car (so you’ll never forget)

These eco-friendly nylon market bags have longer handles for slinging over the shoulder and can be conveniently stored in one drawstring pack that fits in the cup holder of your car or handbag.  That means – no more forgetting them when you go shopping or to the grocery store!  You can buy the bags in 3-bag set that is both soft and durable reusable shopping bags.


The drawstring pack is a small 5’’ tall and 3.5’’ wide. The bags fold out to be 26’’ tall and 12.5’’ wide, so they are quite roomy.  You can carry at least 20% more content than a generic plastic bag according to Urban Marketbags, and I have to agree with them.  The material is 100% SUPPLEX® nylon, so it’s machine washable in cold water and you can put in the dryer on tumble dry on low.  Perfect for Austinites, or any place that is now bagless or wants to cut down on one-use bags that will end up in landfills.  Love!

Four reasons to love Urban Market Bags

List Price: $28.00 (3-bag set)


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