Isabella: Girl in Charge (Hardcover)


Isabella: Girl in Charge (Hardcover)

Just how high can a little girl dream?

Isabella: Girl in Charge follows the purple-haired title character as she imagines herself as five powerful females who broke barriers in American politics in a bid to get her mom and dad out the door for a big event.  I’ve listed the women in politics that Isabella admires below and at the end of the story, readers will find extended biographies and a timeline of women in U.S. politics. The book is full of fun and political language about our democracy.  Will her motion to leave early pass or will there be a losing vote?   However, Isabella believes that her house is going to work like a democracy, so she decides to call an assembly and campaign her way out the door!  Just in time for the post-election season this new children’s picture book by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Fosberry celebrates women who were trailblazers in U.S. politics.

The book features some of the amazing women who have made political history, including:

  1. Sandra Day O’Connor—first woman appointed to the Supreme Court (term: September 25, 1981 – January 31, 2006)
  2. Frances Perkins—first female Cabinet member (Secretary of Labor) (term: March 4, 1933 – June 30, 1945)
  3. Jeanette Rankin—first woman elected to Congress (Montana) (terms: March 4, 1917 – March 3, 1919 and January 3, 1941 – January 3, 1943)
  4. Nellie Tayloe Ross—first female governor (Wyoming) (term: January 5, 1925 – January 3, 1927)
  5. Susanna Madora Salter—first female mayor (Argonia, KS) (April 4, 1887 – 1888)

The most interesting story I found was in the life of Jeanette Rankin.  She was elected into Congress twice and both times WOMEN DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.  Not only that, as a Congressional member, Rankin was instrumental in initiating the legislation that eventually became the 19th Constitutional Amendment, granting unrestricted voting rights to women and was ratified on August 18, 1920.  It is an amazing and powerful story, although certainly each woman who made political history deserves such an honor.

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About the Author:  Jennifer Fosberry is a science geek turned bestselling children’s book writer. She is the author of My Name Is Not Isabella (Sourcebooks, 2010), Isabella: Girl on the Go (Sourcebooks, 2012), Isabella: Star of the Story (Sourcebooks, 2013), and My Name Is Not Alexander (Sourcebooks, 2011). After running away to Costa Rica for a few years, she returned to the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and three children to read, write, and try to get out of doing housework. Visit Jennifer at

About the Illustrator:  Mike Litwin is a New York Times bestselling illustrator who creates scenes that serve the imagination and education of children. In other words, he’s a big kid who draws pictures for a living. He currently lives in Greenville, North Carolina, with his wife and three daughters.  Visit Mike at

Isabella: Girl in Charge (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99

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