The Ohio State Buckeyes blanket by Elite Team


The Ohio State Buckeyes blanket by Elite Team

The Official Blanket of Pure Fandemonium

I will always be a Buckeyes fan.  Yes, I am a Texan, but spent the first twenty years of my life in Ohio.  Unless you live in the Toledo area (which, if you know your history, was once part of Michigan – check out the wiki The Toledo War (1835–1836), most Ohioans love the Buckeyes.  The Horseshoe is our favorite field, the Big 10 is our Conference, Brutus is our favorite mascot and we actually know what a Buckeye is and how to make a delicious candy to make it look like the poisonous nut.  We wait patiently for the Michigan vs. Buckeye game each year and if we don’t win, it’s devastating.  I was, still am, a Tressel fan but I have grown to love Coach Meyer and, of course, everyone knows the history of Woody Hayes.  It is a rite of passage to take a picture of your infant in Buckeyes garb as an Ohioan and I am not afraid to wear my Buckeyes shirt in Austin.  This year I get to snuggle up in The OSU 60″ x 72″ blanket by Elite Team that is OH SO cozy to watch The OSU play (AHEM BEAT!) Clemson on 12/31!  O-H-I-O… State!

brooke-ohioMy daughter, Brooke, showing off her O-H-I-O spirit!

With an Elite Team blanket you can represent the way only a true fan can. Sport an Elite Team blanket and pledge allegiance to your team. Feel one for yourself and you will see what makes them the Official Blanket of Pure Fandemonium.  Elite Team blankets are unrivaled microplush comfort that are available in NFL, College, and CR7 sports teams.  Elite Team blankets are also MADE IN THE USA!  Whoo hoo!


  • Ultimate Comfort: Elite Microplush® Super-soft fabric is like wrapping yourself with a cloud
  • Survives Washing: Made to withstand heavy laundering and gets softer with every wash
  • Made in USA: American craftsmanship combined with 100% acrylic imported from Portugal
  • True Colors Won’t Bleed: Elite colors are dyed onto the fabric itself and look as good after years of use as it did on day one
  • Regulates Temp: Innovative fiber technology is designed to regulate temperature, keeping you comfortable in any temperature or in any season 
  • Two Blankets in One: Elite blankets are actually two blankets hand sewn together for luxury you can feel and durability you can depend on
  • Drapability: Lightweight fibers and flexible, filament-knit backing provide astonishing softness and drape    
  • 44% Larger: Significantly bigger than your average blanket for true head-to-toe coverage

Take care of your blanket!  When your blanket arrives, Elite Team recommends washing it prior to use to optimize fluffiness. For best results, wash on cold and dry on air fluff, if your dryer has that setting, or the coldest temperature setting.


60″ x 72″

Elite Team is an exclusive distributor of Denali® luxury NFL, College and Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) blankets.

The Ohio State Buckeyes blanket by Elite Team

List Price: $ 129.00


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