Replace The Lace by Compass to Care


Replace The Lace by Compass to Care


Compass to Care has a story that begins almost 40 years ago when the founder, Michelle, was diagnosed with cancer at just 14 months old.  Her parents had to travel far for Michelle to receive treatments that put an additional burden on a family already struggling with Michelle’s diagnosis.  The great news is that after several years of treatment, Michelle’s cancer went into remission.  She created Compass to Care to help other families who are struggling to receive treatment for their children.


What is Replace The Lace?

Replace the Lace is a chance to show your support for kids with cancer by changing your shoelaces to our custom gold laces.  Buy a pair for yourself and encourage your school, team, family, and friends to do the same!

Show Your Support!

Show your support of kids with cancer by replacing your shoelaces with Compass to Care’s custom gold laces. Each pair of Replace The Lace shoelaces costs $5, plus shipping.  All proceeds will help kids with cancer travel to treatment. Compass to Care are currently recruiting schools, teams, groups, and business to get involved in Replace The Lace in 2016/2017.

Check it out!  Check out this fun video HERE that Compass to Care created to encourage classmates, teammates, family, and friends to replace their regular shoelaces with our gold ones! (Feel free to create your own video and post it on social media with #ReplaceTheLace).

  • Want to get your school or team involved? Click Here
  • Want to get your business involved? Click Here

Want to donate?  Check out Compass to Care’s donation page HERE on ways to help!

About Compass to Care:  Compass to Care is a Chicago non-profit dedicated to scheduling & paying for the travel arrangements families require to seek the best cancer care for their children.  Compass to Care, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, ensures all children can access life-saving cancer treatment by helping them travel from their homes to the hospital.

Replace The Lace by Compass to Care

List Price: $ 5.00 (per pair)


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