Green Pants (Hardcover)


Green Pants (Hardcover)

For kids who march to their own drummer — or are especially attached to a comfort object — here is a completely adorable character who wears his singularity in style.

This title will be released on March 21, 2017.

jb  Me in Mexico City as a teen in my usual ‘unique’ attire!  Ha. 

I am pretty lucky in the fact that because my dad was a cheapskate, my parents didn’t really care what I wore as long as they didn’t have to actually buy it.  My clothes were a mixture of hand-me-downs, Goodwill purchases, and the occasional limited spending for an entire school year’s worth of clothes at a local store like Woolworths which didn’t go far.  Let’s just say my clothing style became quite eclectic and rarely fit right, but I actually liked what I wore even if I got the occasional ribbing at school by my peers with fancier clothes.  I distinctly remember one of my fourth grade teachers asking if I needed a new pair of pants because I pretty much wore the same ripped jeans every day.  The reason?  I liked them A LOT and I didn’t care when they started getting rips in the knees.  When I look back at pictures from the time I was in kindergarten and well into my 20s, I sometimes cringe at my fashion choices (or lack thereof), but to be honest, it really did describe the type of person I am…..appearances did not make much of an impact on me and that has proven to be a very good thing in my life.  I think that’s why the new book by Candlewick caught my attention.  Now that I have two girls, I am trying to teach them that their uniqueness is their strength and it’s okay to be different which I realize is easier said than done, but I’m trying!

In the book “Green Pants”, Jameson only ever wears green pants. He feels that when he wears his green pants, he can do anything. However, when he has to go to his cousin’s wedding, his parents want him to wear a tuxedo.  That means he has to ditch his beloved green plants for a black tuxedo.  Oh, the horror!  Jameson feels like he is caught in an impossible decision: While he wants nothing more than to be in his cousin’s wedding, Jameson doesn’t want to give up his lucky green pants!  He knows that wearing a tux will make everyone happy, but Jameson wants to be himself without turning down the huge honor to be in his cousin’s wedding.  Is there a way to make everyone happy, including himself? In this pitch-perfect ode to individualism, acclaimed author-illustrator Kenneth Kraegel creates a character readers of all ages can root for — whatever color pants they wear.

About the Author/Illustrator:  Kenneth Kraegel is the author-illustrator of the picture books The Song of Delphine and King Arthur’s Very Great Grandson, which was a New York Times Notable Book and a Wall Street Journal Best Book of the Year. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Candlewick Press is one of the fastest-growing children’s book publishers in the US, creating beautiful, high-quality children’s books.

Green Pants (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99 (Currently on Sale through Amazon Prime for $ 15.04)

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