I Am a Story (Hardcover)


I Am a Story (Hardcover)

Internationally acclaimed author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino presents a powerful picture book that celebrates storytelling—from the past to the present and beyond.

As an avid book reader, Dan Yaccarino’s I Am a Story was an inspirational read about telling a story.  While I am not an archeologist and I can’t explain when or how old cave drawings are, I believe that humans always had a desire to be understood and I Am a Story takes the reader on a journey throughout the ages.  Some stories were carved into wood or put on papyrus to our modern digital age on how stories are passed around.  Over the years, stories have been censored, banned, and even burned – but the knowledge of a story did not die. The power of a story lives forever, and a single story can inspire millions and bring people together.  I Am a Story has simple yet meaningful text and beautiful illustrations and reminds us of the power of story.

About the Author/Illustrator:  Dan Yaccarino is an internationally acclaimed author-illustrator with more than thirty children’s books to his credit, including Five Little Pumpkins, Trashy Town, Unlovable, and The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau. He also created and produced Nickelodeon’s Oswald and is the character designer behind The Backyardigans. You can visit him at www.yaccarinostudio.com.

I Am a Story (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Also available through Amazon Prime)

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