BiziBots Wooden Robot Kit (Holiday Recommendation)


BiziBots Wooden Robot Kit

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My oldest daughter has been really excited about building objects.  She loves LEGOs and has enjoyed sets like Goldieblox, so when I did a random search for building kits for Brooke, BiziBots came up in my search.  I was immediately intrigued by these fascinatinng wooden robot kits.  I learned each robot has a heart and collapsible joints so they can be posed in many ways.  I also loved the idea that each Bot has their own unique RIN (Robot Identification Number) and you can go to the BiziBots website to find out when your robot was made.  How cool is that?

Tell Me More About BiziBots!

Not a problem!  BiziBots are innovative wooden robot kits, made from locally sourced, non-toxic materials. Each bot is crafted from solid maple and birch plywood and has 50 articulated parts connected by elastic cords. You can assemble and configure your bots in million ways and the bots come with assembly instructions.  Details include laser etched graphics and a unique RIN (Robot Identification Number) which I explained in the above paragraph. Once your Bot is assembled, they are fun to position in multiple ways. They delight the eye and engage the mind. The kits are geared towards ages 7y – 12y, but you can certainly help a younger child with the build, too.

Meet the Original DaviBot!



Brooke picked out DaviBot as her robot kit of choice and it was so much fun to put together.  Brooke could have actually put together the DaviBot by herself, but we went over the instructions together and it was a blast!  Davi is a wooden robot made from maple wood and birch ply with 50 articulated parts including 4 collapsible joints connected with elastic.  DaviBot is based on the famous drawing by Leonardo DaVinci “The Vitruvian Man“. In fact, DaVinci built a robot in 1495! Davi gets his name from the artist.  DaviBot is 6” high and made with solid maple and birch ply.  Love!  Don’t forget to check out the BiziBots website for more Bot options!

We had so much fun with the wooden robot kit, that we decided to try our hands at the Izi Bot next with much success:

izi  Our Izi Bot!

Atelier19 (BiziBots creator) is a design and manufacturing studio located in San Francisco, California.

BiziBots Wooden Robot Kit

List Price: $ 40.00

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