Caspar Babypants new album WINTER PARTY! (All Ages)


Caspar Babypants new album WINTER PARTY! (All Ages)

Chris from the Presidents of the USA doing simple sing along music for babies and kids and parents to sway and enjoy in this cluttered world.

It finally happened!  Caspar Babypants made a CHRISTMAS album!  YES!!!!  OK, maybe I should back up a bit, right?  Caspar Babypants has been one of my family’s favorite children’s artists since we first heard his fifth album ‘Hot Dog’ back in 2012.  That album is what drew me into the world of children’s music when my first-born daughter was just a toddler since I (the music snob – ha!) honestly didn’t think there was such a thing as new children’s music that our entire family would enjoy.  Boy, was I wrong!  Fast forward to today and “Winter Party” marks Caspar’s (aka Chris Ballew) twelfth album which also happens to be his first Christmas album.  All the great artists make one, right?  There’s a reason why I’m still lugging around hundreds of pounds of vinyl and some of it has to do with my husband’s and my passion of listening to holiday music from when we were little.  We have to play Willie Nelson or Dean Martin’s Christmas albums on vinyl beginning in mid-November and we don’t usually stop until the first week of the New Year.  It’s tradition and it wouldn’t feel like we had the same Christmas spirit without hearing the songs of the season from artists we love.  Now we can add Caspar Babypants ‘Winter Party’ to our holiday musical list and our girls love it.

Check it out!  Here is a new Casper Babypants video from “WINTER PARTY!”

There are fourteen songs on ‘Winter Party’ and only three of them are total originals, but Chris puts his spin on all the songs and it just works so well.  Chris actually said that he had never intended on releasing a holiday album although he started re-interpreting holiday music back in 2010.  “Pumpkin in the Pines”, for example, is an entirely new story behind the music of “Good King Wenceslas”.  “Days Gone By” is an updated version of “Auld Lang Syne”.  The songs are all familiar with the exception of track 5, 7, and 14, so even listening to this album before a whiff of cold hit the air, we were able to feel that holiday cheer seeping back into our pores.  I am one of those people that start celebrating the holidays on October 1 (because, you know, Halloween season starts Oct 1, amIright?) and I try to stretch it into the New Year as much as possible.  After all, I enjoy and appreciate the entire holiday season with my lovely family and having a new album full of holiday cheer is a great way to celebrate how lucky and fortunate I do feel.  I couldn’t think of a better children’s artist I would want to have singing ‘Joy to the World’ or ‘Silent Night’ to us.  It’s definitely a winter party at Momma’s Bacon’s house!  Two thumbs up!

Check it out!  Check out this page for all of the Stories Behind the Songs HERE.

Track Listing:

  1. Deck the Halls (Trad-CB)
  2. Joy to the World (Trad – CB)
  3. Candle in the Snow (Trad-CB)
  4. Jingle Bells (Trad-CB)
  5. Winter Party
  6. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Trad-CB)
  7. Candy Cane
  8. Pumpkin in the Pines (Trad-CB)
  9. Frozen Penguin (Trad-CB)
  10. O Christmas Tree (Trad-CB)
  11. The Twelve Days of Christmas (Trad-CB)
  12. Silent Night (Trad-CB)
  13. Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne) (Trad-CB)
  14. Alphabet Christmas Lullaby

Yeah for lyrics!  All lyrics can be found on this page.

Caspar Babypants Youtube ChannelHere you go!

Caspar Babypants new album WINTER PARTY! (All Ages)

List Price: $ 12.00

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