Rainbow String Game by Sarah’s Silks


Rainbow String Game by Sarah’s Silks

Rainbow String Game, hand dyed in USA. Instructions included!

One of my most favorite skills I learned when I was a kid was string art.  I started out learning Cat’s Cradle and soon advanced to the Eiffel Tower, various animals, and several awesome tricks to surprise a small audience.  I even taught a class on string art at my local library when I was a tween.  I liked learning new figures and it was a productive way to pass time.  String art has made a big comeback recently and is used in Waldorf schools.  Sarah’s Silks Rainbow String Game is very cool because the strings are cut, melted, and hand-dyed by her son, Noah.  It’s all made right here in the USA!


There are so many uses for string art even for parents, including using it on trips, in restaurants, and visits with relatives as a way to pass the time and share tricks with their children.  These string figures have been proven to help in brain development. Plus, they are a lot of fun!  Now I need to get my own pair so I can stop having to share with my daughter.  Ha!


Check it out! Ways to learn string figures:

Tip!  If they break (from rough yanking) light a candle and burn the ends back together. (adults only)


Recommended for ages 5 and up.

About Sarah’s Silks:  Sarah’s Silks is a family owned company specializing in Waldorf inspired toys for children. We supply our playsilks, capes, fairy dresses, streamers, and other toys to Steiner schools, boutique toy shops and families In the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and many other countries. Silk is natural, renewable, and eco-friendly, as is the wood, wool, and cotton we also use in our toys. Pretend play is the foundation for a creative, inspired life and we hope our toys will be a part of your children’s memories.

Rainbow String Game by Sarah’s Silks


List Price: $ 4.95 (Party Favor pack of 12 also available at a discounted price.)

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