Red Rock Traditions – Holiday Gift Recommendations for the Entire Family


Red Rock Traditions – Holiday Gift Recommendations for the Entire Family

Experience the blessings that family traditions can bring.

Brooke had an exciting fall break and it was because her grandparents (my parents) made their annual trip to Austin to love and spoil our two girls.  I enjoy watching my kids playing with my parents, and I also enjoy watching my parents playing with my girls.  It must be a wonderful feeling when your kids are grown and you get to experience being a grandparent.  As a parent, you realize quickly how difficult a job it can be and no matter how rewarding it is, it is also a huge responsibility that Bob and I don’t take lightly.  You start to relax your judgement of your own childhood and be more grateful and appreciative of the things your parents did for you.  At least, that has been my experience.  Parents aren’t perfect, not even close, but as long as you are trying and making that effort to give your children a positive and safe environment for them to grow into responsible human beings, I think you are winning at this thing called parenthood and life in general.  I laughingly asked my parents if they missed having young kids or if they prefer life now, and – while I’m sure there are things that they fondly remember from me and my siblings childhood – it was a hands down response that grandparents have it pretty good!

One thing that has stuck with me from my childhood that I’m passing down to my kids are a few family traditions that I enjoyed.  One thing my mom did when I was growing up was create a ‘Question Box’ for dinnertime.  She made all sorts of interesting questions and put them in a shoe box and my siblings and I would get to pick one question to answer around the table.  Another was our annual Christmas tree ornament.  Each of us could choose one ornament each year to hang on the tree that became part of our keepsake box.  Each ornament would get our initials and the year in which it was bought, and that was how I ended up with a box of my own ornaments from my childhood when I was grown.  Both of these family traditions have been simple to pass down, and they are also quite meaningful.  I recently checked out a new online shop that I fell in love with and is dedicated to family traditions called “Red Rock Traditions” and their mission is ‘strengthening families together’.  I will be the first to admit that most of the time our family is rushing to and from work or school and Bob and I have tried to make our home a place where we can slow down together and just enjoy each other’s company.  I was excited to find so many cool products that are perfect for our family and the two that really stuck out to me is Red Rock Traditions ‘Tell Me Conversation Blocks’ and their ‘One Year Time Capsule’ ornament.  If you are looking for meaningful and useful holiday gifts for your family, check out Red Rock Traditions product line and you will be sure to find some inspirational products to start your own family traditions! 


Tell Me Conversation Blocks (List Price: $25.00)

Turn your conversation into something light and playful. No rules, and no rights or wrongs! Designed with simple picture prompts for little (and big) people to tell a family story, relive a memory or dream up a wish for the future.

My family and I LOVE these ‘Tell Me’ Conversation Blocks at the dinner table.  We let each person take a turn rolling the blocks which have various pictures for prompts to help guide each person to either tell a story, talk about a memory, or talk about their wish for the future.  Block descriptions are “Who”, “Place”, “Feeling”, and “When” and it comes with a little direction card that conveniently fits into the holder to explain the different pictures on the blocks.  Our oldest daughter, Brooke, loves these blocks and she’s gotten very good at telling wild tales depending on what she rolls.  It’s fun to hear her use her imagination and she always incorporates part of her day or people and things in her life into her stories.  We have even started to use the conversation blocks at breakfast on Saturday mornings and it’s something I look forward to doing with the girls.  Tell Me Conversation Blocks makes dinnertime a more meaningful experience because we are listening and talking with each other in an organized yet very creative way that brings up lots of fun conversations.


Our Year Time Capsule (List Price: $35.00)

Little moments and special memories! Carry forward the family story of your year by tucking mementos, such as a Christmas letter, a vacation photo, or song lyrics inside this time capsule. Both functional and beautiful . . . relive the memories in years to come.

This is the perfect gift for the holidays!  Have you ever seen a time capsule ornament?  I hadn’t until Red Rock’s One Year Time Capsule.  This is our family ornament for 2016 and our family is still mulling over what we should include inside.  We’ve had so many awesome experiences this year, so we want to include an item (or two!) that does a great job of summing up 2016 for our family.  This decorative ornament is so beautiful that I look forward to seeing it on our tree each year and being able to open it up in the future so we can reminisce about 2016 with our girls when they are older.  I LOVE this capsule ornament.


About Red Rock Traditions:  The name ‘Red Rock’ comes from the name of the cabin of the company’s owners and their family visits every year as their special family tradition. Here is a short blog that goes a little more in depth!  Their mission is to strengthen the bonds of family relationships through the sharing and celebration of traditions.  They want to spur the imagination of their consumers and consultants to believe that they can achieve more family unity and closeness. Their products are a gateway to greater family time.

Red Rock Traditions – Holiday Gift Recommendations for the Entire Family

List Price: $ Varies Per Product


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