Jack’s Worry (Hardcover)


Jack’s Worry (Hardcover)

A touching and reassuring story about the jitters associated with first experiences — and the satisfaction that comes with conquering your fears.

I had terrible stage fright when I was younger.  If I had to give a presentation, my knees would shake, my hands felt clammy, and my pale skin would have bright red blotches.  Most nights before giving a class presentation, I would lie awake in bed all night thinking of everything that could go wrong.  It wasn’t until I started attending a local children’s theater group that I learned how to talk, sing, and even dance on stage in front of an audience.  I also took a Speech class in college to help me get over my fear.  The thing with fear is that it goes from something small to something really BIG if it is left unattended.  My oldest daughter is at a stage in her young life (a first-grader) where she thinks about how others see her.  I can tell her that I can relate, but she has to let those worries go and for some people that is a life long struggle.  I learned that just by telling my daughter that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect that it makes a big difference in how she feels about things.  My daughter has done plenty of public speaking from show and tell to presenting in front of groups and it is helpful to her to know feeling those little jitters is totally normal, but you can get through it just fine.  When I saw the book Jack’s Worry, I thought it was an excellent way to read and talk through worries and emotions with Brooke.

Jack loves playing the trumpet.  He absolutely loves it and he has been practicing for weeks for his first concert.  However, on the morning of the concert, Jack is worried and he decides he doesn’t want to play in the concert any more.  Jack’s worry is seen as a tiny blue scribble, but as his worry continues, it grows BIGGER and BIGGER on the page.  Jack’s mother calls him for a special breakfast, but as he tries to hide, he finds that his Worry still follows him.  Jack finally confides in his mom that he is worried that if he makes a mistake, she won’t love him anymore.  Luckily, Jack’s mom does an excellent job at giving her son the reassurance he needs that she will always love him ‘even if he played every note wrong’ at the concert.  Jack’s worry starts to shrink smaller and smaller and he is able to get ready for the concert.  This is a wonderful book for young children (even preschoolers) because there is a universal fear of being afraid of failing at something new.  Jack’s Worry offers a simple mindset to help a child overcome their fear so that they can shrink a Worry down to size they can handle.

About the Author:  Sam Zuppardi is the author-illustrator of The Nowhere Box as well as the illustrator of the picture book Nobody’s Perfect by David Elliott and the middle-grade series the Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe by Gordon McAlpine. When not illustrating children’s books, Sam Zuppardi is training to be a child and adolescent psychotherapist. He lives in York, England.

Jack’s Worry (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 16.99 (Currently on Sale through Amazon Prime for $ 12.67)


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