The Short-Sighted Giraffe (Storytime) Paperback


The Short-Sighted Giraffe (Storytime) Paperback

Giraffe can’t see very well.  But when her animal friends make her a pair of glasses, she decides she would look silly with them!

This is a book that I plan to keep handy for the next few years!  Both my husband and I wear corrective lenses for being near-sighted.  He started wearing glasses when he was just a young child, while I was already a teenager in high school.  However, my eyesight is the one that is continually getting worse while his plateaued a few years ago.  Now that he’s past forty, he is now having trouble with reading words too close, so now he will soon have to get bi-focals.  Isn’t it fun getting old?!?  Ha ha.

The interesting thing is that through the Infant SEE Program, you can have your infants eyes checked out between the age of 6 months up until the turn 1 to see if there are any issues within their eyes.  Brooke, our oldest, had perfect vision and she will either not need corrective lenses or she will be like me and not need glasses until she’s much older.  Brie, our youngest, was a little different.  While her eyes are perfectly healthy, there is a possibility she may need to start wearing glasses around the same age Bob did in elementary school.  Since I was already a teenager and my insurance covered contact lenses, I never had to go to school in glasses.  I imagine that could be very embarrassing for a little child, so I have made a mental note to back-track to this book if this happens with my girls.  Right now, they just get a kick out of the silly giraffe and how crazy she must be to not want to SEE correctly!

The Short-Sighted Giraffe tells the story of Giraffe who wants to prove to her friends that she DOES NOT need glasses.  The problem is, she keeps hurting herself and falling down because she really does need corrective lenses.  Instead of putting on a pair of spectacles (as I gather laser corrective surgery doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom), Giraffe starts putting on ‘protective clothing’, like an inner-tube, boots, a ladder, and even a helmet.  As you can imagine, Giraffe looked ridiculous.  Her friends, afraid that Giraffe may really hurt herself, decide to slip on a pair of glasses as she is sleeping so that when she wakes up she will be able to see the world through a clear lens.  It worked!  Giraffe, shocked at how insane she looked in her protective gear, immediately sheds all her clothes and smartly adopts her glasses.  Brilliant!

The Short-Sighted Giraffe (Storytime) Paperback

List Price: $8.95


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