Silicone Wedding Rings by Enso


Silicone Wedding Rings by Enso

Metal wedding rings get in the way of everything! We make the safest, most versatile rings on the planet! Perfect for the gym & your job.

I’m not a huge jewelry person.  I wear stud earrings off and on, I usually wear one necklace, and I never wore rings before I had my wedding band.  In fact, the first few months of marriage I had a lot of trouble keeping track of my wedding ring.  It felt foreign on my finger and I was constantly checking to make sure it was still there.  One morning in a panic, I was convinced I lost my ring for good until I finally found it shoved under our bathroom rug because our cat thought it was a play toy just sitting on our bathroom counter.  Since then, I almost never take my ring off.  Bob and I have been married 13 years and so far this system has worked, but I was really intrigued by these silicone wedding rings by Enso and there are several reasons why I wanted to write about them in a blog post.

First, there is this:

Technical Info About Enso’s Composite Silicone Rings

  • Durability – Enso’s rings are engineered from the highest-grade composite silicone and are made to take a beating. In fact, they offer a lifetime guarantee to back it all up.
  • Non ConductiveEnso’s rings are perfect for guys and girls that make a living working with their hands – especially in electricity, machinery, heat, vibrations and extreme conditions.
  • Scratch Resistant – Enso insists that this ring will always look as sleek as the day you bought it!
  • Hypoallergenic – Enso’s rings are for those with sensitive skin and can’t wear traditional wedding rings.
  • Versatility – Enso Rings are flexible and adapt to your finger and your active lifestyle. It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Swollen Hands – No Problem!

Enso’s Silicone Rings are also PERFECT for women who are pregnant or just gave birth and have swollen hands where their wedding rings no longer fit.  No need to get your ring re-sized because you have to assume your fingers will eventually go back to their normal non-swollen size and no one wants to spend a fortune on a temporary wedding band!  You can find the perfect Enso ring for just $ 10.00!

While I’m not in any sort of danger of having swollen fingers, I was intrigued by having a back-up silicone wedding band for when my active family goes on a trip and I don’t want to lose my ring.  Think about places like the water park, the gym, or even a camping trip where it’s probably best to leave your wedding ring at home.  I have since invested in a jewelry box, so while my real wedding ring is in an enclosed box (ha on you kitty cats!), I can wear a very stylish silicone ring by Enso Rings.  I picked my favorite ring in the bunch (check their website for all their options, including stack-able rings!) and will talk more about it below.

Enzo  Women’s Infinity Silicone Ring – Obsidian (List Price: $ 24.99)

The Infinity Silicone Ring is the newest addition to the Enso family of rings and comes in several colors and sizes for men and women.  I think the obsidian ring is very classy and the design on the side is beautiful with a mesmerizing infinity pattern that symbolizes timeless commitment.  Enso’s Rings are made with medical grade silicone and feature Anti-Ring Avulsion Technology.  The ring feels so comfortable you actually do forget you are wearing it!

Need help finding your ring size? Find Your Ring Size Here.

Product Dimensions:
width: 4.5mm
thickness: 1.5mm

I’m so happy with my Enso Ring and wish I had thought of a back-up ring plan years before.  I’m still in a little shock that I still have my original wedding band and it’s nice to know that if I go running or we go to the water park, I can wear my Enso Ring and not worry about my real wedding ring falling off or getting stolen.  In fact, if we had known this was an option before we got married, we would have probably just stuck with these silicone bands in the first place!  While I will always love my original metal wedding band for what it represents, it’s also nice to have a spare silicone ring that can take the heat when my wedding ring doesn’t have to – and that is just priceless.



  1. What if I order the wrong size?  Don’t worry about it! Enso Rings will send you as many rings as it takes until you get just the right fit! To get started, click Find Your Ring Size Here. Then, go ahead and order the size that you think will fit your finger best. If you need to swap it out for a different size, just let Enso Rings know and they’ll immediately send you a different size. They include a pre-paid return label with each ring just in case it doesn’t fit just right.
  2. Money Back Guarantee!   Enso Rings love their rings and hope you will love yours, too.  If you ever find that you don’t love your ring for any reason, just let Enso Rings know, and they will be happy to give you a full refund.  No questions asked.
  3. FREE Shipping!  Order your ring today and take advantage of their limited time FREE Shipping on every Enso ring!  Your ring ships directly from their warehouse that’s located right in the heart of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah.  FREE Shipping includes the premium composite silicone rings and top-rated silicone wedding bands.

Happy 13th wedding anniversary, Bob!  I Love You!

Silicone Wedding Rings by Enso

List Price: $10.49 – $ 21.24 per ring

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