MIU COLOR® Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer


MIU COLOR® Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer

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Bob’s Subaru has been lovingly nicknamed ‘The Ant Trap’.  Commuting with a toddler is not easy and your seats, floors, and trunk become filled with random toys, food, and lots and lots of odds and ends.  It sometimes looks like a cereal factory exploded in it.  The struggle is real people!  We had to do something.  The problem is that even with backseat organizers and our best intentions (not to mention the many weekends we spend scrubbing out the car), I said, “Enough!”  It’s time for some heavy duty organizing and MIU COLOR Forable Cargo Trunk Organizer has been our answer.  It’s a way to keep all the items that we aren’t using in route in its proper place and because of a special offer going on right now, we got the added bonus of getting a free soft color for our car.  YES!  We needed a trunk organizer that was durable, water resistant (since we still have to clean it out), and easy to handle and carry.  My favorite part about this organizer is that you can re-arrange the storage compartments with their simple Velcro system and there are three large pockets with zippers so that this organizer is not only strong, it’s also lightweight.  The Subaru went from being “The Ant Trap” to a well organized machine.  I wish we had done this sooner, but hey, live and learn!  Commuting with toddlers is not easy, but we have learned how to contain the mess and with the huge Amazon discounts (as well as through Prime) this organizer is afforable and also has a 12 month warranty.  SOLD!

  • MIU COLOR offers 12 MONTH WARRANTY, NO Questions/NO Hassles.
  • FREE GIFT — Get MIU COLOR high quality cargo trunk organizer at this great price, you’ll also receive one BONUS CAR SOFT COOLER! You can put your drink or food in it, keep them fresher, cooler and healthy for longer this hot summer!
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL AND DURABLE — The Trunk Organizer is manufactured with WATER RESISTANT and abrasion resistant high quality 1680D polyester. This premium material and REINFORCED handles allows you to carry enough stuff you want, which is not only durable, but easy to wipe clean. 100% GOOD VALUE FOR PRICE!
  • FOLDABLE AND EASY CARRY — 25*17.5*13 inches when unfolded, together with 8 high-elastic mesh side pockets which allows you to hold more things -groceries, tools, sports equipment, jumper cables and others. While it is 14*17.5*3.5 inches when fold, very easy to carry and to storage that will not take much space.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND MULTIFUNCTION — Superior VELCRO at the bottom make it fixed on the car; The removable sub-divider enables 4 different sized storage, easily expanded and the buckles permits folding the big one to small jobs.There are 3 big well-made pockets outside the boxes, 2 with zippers, 1 with velcro. Aluminum handles are extremely lightweight but strong!




  • Made with High quality 1680 DD polyester. Non-slip gripper pads at the bottom will prevent sliding around!
  • Flexible space design makes it easy to expand and fold up, when folded, it likes a hand bag, space saving.
  • 8 High Quality bags outside make it easy to store and find your small things. Also, a stiff cover will protect your stuff better!

MIU COLOR Cargo Trunk Organizer keeps Your Car Tidy and Under Control, also Benefit all Your Life!
✔ When Shopping? Easily store your shopping bags and prevent your groceries from rolling around your trunk.
✔ When Sporting? It will also be good sporting equipment, you can take the organizer out of the vehicle right to the field.
✔ When Traveling, Hiking, Picnic? Take the trunk organizer to the park, the beach, the sports field, or any place you need to be organized, put the all the things you need in it, go out for your summer time!
✔ Even in an emergency? Just remove the organizer from your vehicle and place outside for additional visibility. A warming reflective parking triangle sewn on the pocket will be useful.

Washing Instructions:

  • Please do not wash the organizer in water or wash it in a washing machine, it will badly damage the organizer.
  • Clean it by wiping the surface slightly back and forth with damp cloth. If stains with oil or drink, you could also use a small brush like toothbrush to clean them.
  • After Clean, put the boxes in ventilated place until they are totally dry. Do not dry it in the HOT SUN.


About MIU COLOR: MIU COLOR (based in Fremont,CA) is a contemporary home decor and furnishing brand founded in 2013 in San Jose, California. They design and create products for people who care and value high quality life experiences that is simple, natural, and balanced, no matter at home, at work, or outdoors. Their brand philosophy is “slow timing”: under the nowadays fast paced environment, we hope people can slow down and enjoy the simple and beautiful things in nature such as sun, air, water. With this concept in mind, they infuse simplicity, beauty, and creativity to every product with unique design and advanced technologies. MIU COLOR products can help customers to find beauty, peace, and real meaning in life.  Today, MIU COLOR has become a reputable home product company with a wide product line ranging from home decor, kitchen appliances, to travel accessories.

MIU COLOR® Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer


List Price: $ 89.99 (On Sale Through Amazon Prime for $ 41.99!)

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