The Original Worm Massaging Body Roller (For Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)


The Original Worm Massaging Body Roller (For Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)

“Spread the Worm!”

While I love getting older, it’s more in the mental and intellectual realm and not in the physical sense.  Our bodies are not built to last, but we can take care of them and do things for them to feel better and fit.  I dig that, but I also realize that many things I took for granted when I was younger, does not translate well into my adult and *ahem* middle age status.  My daughters seem like they are made of silly-putty; bouncing off the walls and jumping from heights that even I get a backache watching.  I was excited to try a LOCALLY made-Austin product by a Renaissance woman who does it all; including rough water swimming,  triathlons, road races, boxing, rowing and yoga.  For years she used tennis balls, foam rollers and other muscle rolling products for relief & recovery. Most were poorly constructed and not portable or comfortable.  She knew she could come up with a product that was comfortable, versatile, strong and portable.  A simple product that would provide a lot of relief to many people.  The Worm was officially born!

The Worm!

The Original Worm is a multi-tasker!   The custom designed 4 neoprene encased solid rubber balls specifically target 4x your body’s  surface area at once, while providing excellent support, compression and comfort.  This super-portable Worm doesn’t care about your age, weight, gender or athletic ability.  It does care about making you feel better.  Simply lie down, breathe and let your body weight and The Original Worm do the work.  You can roll over affected areas letting The Worm burrow into your muscles and tendons.  There is also a “tapping” technique directly applied on those tight areas to increase blood flow and circulation.  Try wall squats (my favorite for backaches) to combine support, movement and massage, all in one.

The Original Worm is recommended as a tension reliever and an extremely effective massage tool by:  Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Doulas, Spa Owners, Chiropractors and Orthopedic Surgeons.  It helps relieve stress and pressure in areas like the back, glutes, hips, hamstrings, and arms, to just name a few.  You can use this device virtually anywhere from the car, at the office, in bed, at the gym, or even on the plane!  The Worm balls are encased in neoprene and are smaller and a bit harder than the 7.0 (which I personally love). You are able to get into tight spots for a more targeted massage. I want to mention that the Worm is appropriate for all ages, but is something that Bob and I mainly use as the adults with the sore muscles of the family. The Worm is available in pink or black and comes with a mesh bag carrying case!

The Original Worm Massaging Body Roller (For Parents) (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $ 24.00 (6.3″ Worm) and $33.00 (7.0″ Worm)

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