Potty Training Week with Bambino Mio USA


Potty Training Week with Bambino Mio USA

Celebrate Potty Training Week August 15-19th!

Ever notice that towards the end of summer, there are numerous articles and information on potty training?  It makes sense because it’s ‘Back to School’ season and many preschools now expect that enrolled students (ages 3+) are potty-trained before starting. Potty training should (hopefully) be time pressure free because you don’t want to cause your child unnecessary stress, and preschool can really ramp up the anxiety for working parents who are told that children age 3 and up have to be potty trained for their classroom.  Bambino Mio’s Potty Training Bundle is to help families work towards this goal and this week just happens to be the official ‘Potty Training Week’!  If your child is transitioning from daycare to preschool, the hope is that there is a consistent goal and plan in place between the school and parents to make this process a lot easier.  There were several steps we’ve taken to do just that with Brie and her potty training and it really just started when Brie was waking up dry, was excited to go potty before we would even mention it, and started to get things in motion between her and her school.  Here are a few things that we did to make this transition as seamless as possible:

  • Step 1:   Share the approach with Brie’s teacher and ask her to help us in our potty training endeavor.  Check.
  • Step 2:  Make the Bundle a PARTY gift for Brie.  Go through every item and explain how the rewards worked.  Check.
  • Step 3:  Remember Consistency!  No pull-ups!  No going back – even if it meant 1,000 loads of laundry a day!  Ha!  Check for Bob and I!

I will say that I do understand the frustration of potty training as a household of two working parents who use full-time preschool for our youngest.  I imagine every experience was different but did prove to be more of a challenge this time around than it was when Bob was a Stay at Home Dad with our oldest.  Long commutes, like ours, meant taking time for long bathroom breaks before Brie went to school and before she came home from school.  The sometimes hour-long commute (on the interstate) to and from school and her small bladder was attempting to unravel ground covered during the weekdays!  We found sharing our approach as well as a stickers and reward chart with her teacher, made it easier.  However, it also meant reiterating that we did not want to retreat to pull-ups because it was easier for us or the school.  Ever send your child to preschool in cloth underwear with a spare and they come home with a pull-up?  Yup, been there!  Our family was definitely more relaxed with the process this time because we both knew Brie would become potty-trained while the first time around it seemed like a crap-shoot, the goal at the later stage was just trying to make it a permanent habit.  Accidents were expected, but not derailing.  We were ready for the extra washing and if that meant sending a whole new pack of training pants to school with her each work day, we were ready!  Getting everyone on the same page seemed to be the underlying issue between potty training at home and school, so I was convinced that if we took that confusion away, everything would fall into place for all of us.  Bambino Mio’s Potty Training Guide that comes with the bundle was reassuring and I like their positive message to keep going and, as parents, know that setbacks happen and to follow your instincts and be guided by your child.

What’s in the Bambino Mio Potty Training Bundle?

  • 3 x potty training pants
  • 1 x miopotty.
  • 1 x mioseat (toilet trainer).
  • 1 x miostep (step stool).
  • 1 x reward chart.
  • 1 x reward stickers.

What makes this system different?

  • Super absorbent pull-up style training pants are the perfect step away from pull-ups towards big-kid undies!
  • Lightweight and sturdy potty to help encourage independence when toilet training.
  • A comfy toilet training seat to help ease the move from the potty to the toilet.
  • A practical step stool designed to help your little one get to those hard-to-reach areas.
  • All products are practical and easy to clean potty training essentials.
  • Fun and playful stickers and reward chart to decorate your potty and reward your little one’s hard work!

Bambino Mio’s Potty Training Bundle Goals

Goal 1:  Make it FUN!

When the Bambino Mio’s Potty Training Bundle arrived, I wrapped it up as a big present for Brie to unwrap.  We already knew that Bambino Mio’s seat and trainer were a smaller size that worked with Brie’s small frame and that their training pants were perfectly sized for her.  We went through the Once Upon a Potty book (one of Brie’s favorite potty book) scenes as she unwrapped.  “Is it a birdbath?”  “No!”  “Is it a dish for the cat?”  “No!”  “It’s a POTTY!”  YEAH!!!!  Brie knows this book by heart, so she laughed along with us as we showed her all the cool items in the bundle and she wanted to test it out immediately.  We showed her the special training pants, the step stool, the STICKERS, and her reward chart.  I explained that she could use her own little potty or the seat with the step stool to use the bathroom and that she would get rewarded for using the potty……from us and her teacher at school.  We could tell she was excited and so were we.

Goal 2:  Make it Consistent!

One thing we love about the bundle is that we were able to give the mioseat toilet trainer to her school to use while we kept the miopotty at home.  I think having a familiar approach to potty-training made it easier for Brie to have a consistent way of relating potty training used at home at her long hours at school during the weekday.

Goal 3:  Make it Last while Knowing Accidents Happen – It’s No Big Deal

Kids pick up when parents are stressed, and potty training is a combination of child-readiness and willingness to use the potty.  Don’t let set-backs look frustrating to your child.  This is a HUGE milestone, but it shouldn’t be upsetting to anyone if accidents happen.  We are so happy to have a school that has worked with us and if you are a new parent that has to put your little one in daycare, be sure to ask them about their potty-training approach and if they work with parents on their potty training goals.  Going from day-care to preschool with a potty-training expectation is an important thing to think about and you don’t want to have to switch schools in the middle of the process because of any potty-training issues you run into down the line.

We love the Bambino Mio’s Potty Training Bundle and it has been a great help for us and Brie’s school to be able to work together to get her ready for her age 3+ preschool classroom.  It’s such a fantastic price for all the items you get and I started getting extra stickers for Brie as an additional incentive.  Remember, unless there are any underlying issues, potty-training WILL come and come more consistently when you are more consistent with your approach.  Relax, remember that your child will not be in high school dealing with potty training, and face this milestone with as little frustration and grace as possible so your child isn’t anxious.  I’m looking forward to not having to empty out a little potty any longer, but we are still working up to that and that’s OK.  I look at my first grade daughter and know that potty training does come and you will be able to look back and realize the time goes by fast even if it doesn’t feel like it when you are in the middle of it.  Take a deep breath, have a plan, and tweak the plan as needed.  It’ll happen, I promise!

Potty Training Week with Bambino Mio USA


List Price: $34.99 (Potty Training Bundle)

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