Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out (Hardcover)


Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out (Hardcover)

We are two mini pigs living in Florida who go to first grade with mom everyday. Follow our adventures! Instagram

I didn’t have an Instagram account until the end of 2015 and it was only because of a fun online contest I even joined.  If I’m on social media, it’s for a few minutes here and there and I spend any free time I have after the kids are in bed working on posts for my blog.  Sometimes I miss out on memes or YouTube and Instagram stars only to be reminded that the power o’ social media still seeps into my life through interesting ways – mainly through books.  Our family reads a lot of books, many I don’t review; but Prissy and Pop is a different story.  See, Brooke starts first grade at the end of July (yes, JULY!), so reading a book about first grade piggies by a first grade teacher who happens to own two little mini-pigs that she prominently features on their own account (@prissy_pig) and now she has written a book that is available through HarperCollins children’s books!  WOW!  Not only that, there is a holiday sequel set to come out in September, they have their own Gund plush dolls, and they seem to have unlimited mini-pig clothes from their owner, Melissa Nicholson.  I must be in the wrong business because Prissy and Pop are sure living high on the hog.

Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out became an instant favorite book in our house by both Brooke and Brie.  I had to get the entire back story of these two Instagram sensations to write this review and I am happy to say I am now one of their followers (of which they now have over 600K)!  Hey, I take my blog reviews quit seriously, ok?!?  The adorable mini-pigs and Instagram sensations Priscilla and Poppleton (or Prissy and Pop for short)  star in their first picture book and they have done quite a bit in the three years they’ve been on the face of the earth.  Prissy was born in April 2013 and her first grade teacher human friend adopted her from a pig farm in Alabama.  Melissa had so much fun dressing up and babying her little Prissy and sharing her with her first grade students that she ended up adopting Pop soon after.  Melissa says that at the encouragement of her niece she started an Instagram account for the piggies and, let’s just say the two little hams have become quite successful.  What I love the most about this true story is that Melissa often integrates her mini-pigs into her first grade classroom curricula at her Ponte Vendra Beach, Florida school and her students learn a lot about respecting animals on top of sharing their class with Prissy & Pop.  Here I thought it was super cool that my daughter Brooke has a tarantula as her classroom pet!

Melissa’s book on Prissy & Pop is about Mr. Pop wanting to go to the beach.  Really, really bad!  However, Prissy, who seems to be the driving force behind the two pig’s plans and life, wants to do other things.  She makes pit stops to the garden, then the market, then the playground; all the while Pop is getting a little tired of Prissy’s direction and decides that it would be most polite if they go to the beach RIGHT NOW!  What’s more fun than spending time at the beach?  Spending time at the beach with your adopted sister.  The pictures are fabulous, Prissy & Pop are adorable, and this full-color photographic picture book is filled with plenty of fun and adventure for young kids and parents to enjoy.  Too bad Mr. Meowmer and Bella, our cats, have no interest in the spotlight.  Melissa has made her dress-up piggy adventures look so much fun!  An author’s note is included in the back of the book along with a fun facts section about Prissy and Pop.  We really enjoy the book and look forward to more Prissy & Pop adventures in print and on social media.

Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99 (On Sale at for $ 13.07)


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