JP and the Bossy Dinosaur: Feeling Unhappy (My Emotions and Me) (Hardcover)


JP and the Bossy Dinosaur: Feeling Unhappy (My Emotions and Me) (Hardcover)

With an innocent yet fun plotline, young readers will quickly learn how to cope with their own feelings just like JP.

What to Expect:

  • Simple text combined with bright, inviting illustrations to help children explore the emotions of sadness and disappointment.
  • Uses imaginative play to demonstrate problem-solving and self-soothing skills.

Identifying and expressing emotions can be difficult for people especially young children.  This is the third adventure with JP and the “My Emotions and Me” series by Ana Crespo, but it’s the first time I’ve read the series with my oldest daughter. JP, much like my own daughter, has a very vivid and wild imagination and his cast of make-believe characters help young readers understand how to navigate their own emotions in a fun and positive way.

In JP and the Bossy Dinosaur: Feeling Unhappy, JP is very excited to go on a family trip to the water park.  That is until he imagines that his toy dinosaur tells him he is not allowed to go down the water slide with his sister.  This makes JP very unhappy and sad.  JP is a little too young to be able to play in the big kids’ pool and it makes him very upset.  With the help of his friend, JP decides to try the little kids’ pool and have an open mind.  He realizes that the little kid pool is lots of fun and may just be the right size for him, too.  This is a great book for young children and parents to talk about how to handle not getting something we think we want and why there may be a ‘bossy’ dinosaur that can make you feel upset.  It’s a wonderful book to talk to kids about problem-solving their emotions and think of ways to cope or self-sooth when you are feeling unhappy.  The illustrations are fantastic and the story gets right to the heart of the emotional issue and navigates the waters keeping it all in a child’s perspective.  Love it!  We are going to have to read the first two JP books now and look forward to more from Ana and JP.

Additional Learning (from Ana’s website):


The JP books depict an imaginative little boy full of stories to tell about how he overcomes certain feelings.  JP is the one telling the story and, as it happens with any child, his version might not always be the most accurate one.  Still, JP offers children the opportunity to notice there are options available and that the way they choose to respond to certain things will influence the way they feel.

When reading the book to a child (or to several children), consider asking stimulating questions to encourage a conversation about the topic.  Conversation promotes understanding.  Here are some ideas:

  • How would you feel if that happened to you?
  • What would you do if you were JP?
  • Has anything like that ever happened to you?
  • How did you act?
  • What did you do to feel better?
  • What else could you have done?

About Albert Whitman & Company:  The Illinois Albert Whitman & Company has been publishing books to help educate, entertain and encourage children for over 90 years!  Wow!  Albert Gayne Whitman was a Chicago-born actor in both radio and film between the years 1904-1957.   Albert Whitman & Company has always been independently owned and operated and is best known for the classic series The Boxcar Children Mysteries.

About the Author: Ana Crespo is originally from Brazil. Before becoming a children’s book author, Ana worked as an academic advisor and as a translator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s in education. Ana lives in Colorado with her husband, two kids, and a variety of wildlife.  For more information, visit

About the Illustrator: Erica Sirotich is a children’s book illustrator. She also runs a shop that creates paper goods and prints for children’s rooms and nurseries. Erica lives in Florida with her dog.

JP and the Bossy Dinosaur: Feeling Unhappy (My Emotions and Me) (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99 (On Sale through for $13.48)

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