Tiny Trainers – Bold Collection (3-pack) by Tiny Undies


Tiny Trainers – Bold Collection (3-pack) by Tiny Undies

Dress your tiny bottomed baby or toddler in the Tiny Trainers unisex Bold Color Collection.

Potty training is no fun, but it’s an important step for a toddler even if it is frustrating for a parent.  Things can go well for days with everyone doing the happy dance – until a regression happens.  It can happen for many reasons and we are blaming some of it on our recent move.  At two, Brie looks younger and smaller than her age, but she is smart as a whip and if she doesn’t want to do something you can’t convince her.  That is where toddler training pants comes in!  Training pants offer additional layers for absorption in the event an accident happens and we love the Tiny Trainers Bold Color Collection underwear.

FullSizeRender  Brie’s favorite undies! 

Tiny Undies offers a 3-pack of Tiny Trainers underwear in each bold collection.  They arrive in a reusable cotton muslin drawstring bag.  The trainers are 100% cotton shell with two layer 100% cotton core while also all natural and sweatshop-free.  Wow!  Each pack contains 3 pair of one color (the choices are natural/un-dyed, Aqua Blue, and Blackberry Purple) and come in sizes from 6 months to 3T.  The extra layers keep Brie dry if an ‘Oops!’ happens and they are ‘low-rise’ underwear for an anatomically-correct fit, which I didn’t realize was so important until we started using Tiny Trainers! The underwear is also tag-free and itch-free and Brie LOVES her pair because she also loves the Blackberry Purple color.  Tiny Undies is lovingly made in the USA (North Carolina, to be exact) and is a mom-owed business by Andrea who is an Elimination Communication and potty training expert in her home state. This is a fantastic all-natural product that is wonderful for potty training and I’m going to include the FAQ from Andrea’s website for more information.


Here’s a short FAQ from Tiny Undies website (written by mom CEO, Andrea, under this LINK) to help you learn about these new (and best in class) training pants:

1. 100% cotton, inside and out. The trainers are all natural, and the absorbent middle isn’t polyester like Gerbers…it’s 100% cotton that will stay in place *and* fluff up in the wash for a super-comfy, all-natural fit (just like our beloved cloth diaper inserts do). The absorbent middle is TWO layers thick, with the outer being the training pants’ 2 layers of cotton, giving you a lot of absorbency with very little bulk.

We tested these with several material options, and we’ve found a winner! It’s basically enough for a medium-sized miss or accident to not hit your floor. A small miss won’t usually get baby’s pants wet. A large accident will mostly be contained and will not create much of a mess. (Every baby is different; these are just estimates.)

2. Excellent fit. Tiny Trainers have a higher “rise” than Tiny Undies to compensate for the loss of stretch where the absorbent center is. The leg holes and waistbands are just a tiny bit larger than Tiny Undies, same proportions, making for a very familiar fit. (That is, the Dec 2015 model of Tiny Undies, which has vastly improved upon the first two rounds.)

3. Great waist and leg bands. Gerbers sag. We know that. Tiny Trainers don’t! And the leg bands will hold in any #2 accidents much better as well. Not too tight, not too loose. Easy-on, easy-off. Same exactly band materials as Tiny Undies.

4. Sweatshop-free and chemical-free. As always, I only work with those companies who use materials that I would put on *my own* 3 babies! The absorbent cotton layer is bleached because the oils in unbleached cotton prevent some absorbency, however, this bleaching is achieved with hydrogen peroxide processing, excluding dangerous chemicals. I also value the workforce in distant lands, and I have verified that my partners are sweatshop-free through an independent 3rd party.

5. Two color options and natural, to start. I polled all of our customers and the *overwhelming* results were Aqua Blue and Blackberry Purple! So, Tiny Trainers will begin with a selection of Natural/Undyed for use under light colored clothing, and for those who don’t use dyed materials, and Aqua/Blackberry for a great set of unisex options. I’ll probably add to the line-up much later. Btw, patterns don’t show wetness as well as solids, so those will be last to bat.

6. Photos of actual babies in the training pants…sizes 6mos-3T…and a new size guide. I’ve provided photos of children and their actual measurements (above in the product photos) so you can gauge your baby’s size best. Generally, you can order 6 month training pants for 0-6 month babies, 12 months pants for 6-12 month babies, etc. But also check out the Tiny Trainers Size Guide halfway down this page because babies’ sizes are all over the map!

Remember to order the size your child will need in the first week of June! If baby is poop-trained (if you EC, or if you’re lucky), you can put him in trainers during daytime play, and cover a doubled-up training pant with a diaper cover at nap or night (if baby’s a light wetter).

7. 3-packs of one color, one size. Just like Tiny Undies, these come in reusable drawstring bags, all 3 pair in one color and one size.

8. Stock up. A dozen pair (four 3-packs) is typically good for a baby or child who is working on potty independence – and you get free shipping in the US over $45.

9. When will I get them? The trainers will arrive in my studio and be shipped to you by the first week in June. Order now to reserve yours. Orders placed beyond the 10 day preorder sale will be filled if stock allows, in the order received.

Tiny Trainers – Bold Collection (3-pack) by Tiny Undies


List Price: $ 20.00

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