Refrigerators Debut in the Baby Aisle for Once Upon A Farm Baby Food


Refrigerators Debut in the Baby Aisle for Once Upon A Farm Baby Food

Refrigerated Meals for Infants & Toddlers. Because the food you feed them now is the food they will eat later.

Nothing gets you thinking more about what you eat than being told by your doctor that you are not able to eat certain foods. Having gestational diabetes throughout my pregnancy with Brie has left a lasting impression on my dietary habits.  The first food I ate after my diagnosis was a homemade yogurt parfait and it was depressing because I HATED it.  It tasted bland and gave me this panicked feeling that I had to endure five more months of eating with no added sugar or carbs and I didn’t know how I was going to do it.  I read diabetic books, found recipes I could live with, and my lovely husband who loves to cook gave away all the ‘bad’ food on my list and we started anew.  When my blood sugar started to normalize after Brie was born, the taste of ‘sweet’ was overpowering and I have tried to stick to a 80/20 plan of mostly fruits low in sugar (like berries) and veggies and 20% of proteins and, yes, even carbs.  I love my carbs!  If I have a sweet treat, I keep it limited in size and I enjoy the heck out of it. Sticking to a diet has nothing to do with weight for me, it has to do with keeping healthy because I do not want to have Type II diabetes and I don’t want to pass on bad eating habits to my girls.
While our oldest child, Brooke, has adopted a love of eating healthy, our little two year old has some very particular preferences with quite the sweet tooth, so we have to reign it in when we can.  For us, it’s about limiting access to certain treats, keeping sweets to a special occasion, and finding healthy snacks that we offer outside of the usual three meals a day.  If we have any sweet treats, we try and find ones that are healthy that Brie will enjoy.  I was super excited to find out about Once Upon a Farm which is now debuting in specific baby food aisles (see Target!) in states like CA, MN, and TX!  Yay!  While Brie is too old for baby food, Once Upon a Farm offers a healthy snack option for kids 2+ called ‘Chocolate Ever After’ and I thought, “Yes!” immediately followed by, “I hope Brie likes it!”  Brie’s picky eating has been a source of headache in a family that loves food and I have written several blog posts about it.  As she gets older, it gets better and her mini-strikes on certain foods seem to be coming to a close.  I’ve never known a two year old that has refused to eat pasta for months or only eat chicken as a protein!
Whole Foods for Baby and Busy Schedules
Something that Bob and I have had to ditch since we have had two kids is pre-packaged foods whenever possible.  Many shelf-stable foods are filled with preservatives and we all know fresh, whole foods are better for our bodies.  Now that Bob and I are both full-time working parents, it’s a hard balance to have whole foods on the table for dinner each night, so we are always open to companies like Once Upon a Farm that offer fresh and organic foods that are ready-made, but are also non-GMO with healthy ingredients.  As prices for groceries seem to skyrocket each year, we have had to find ways to find a balance of what we can keep in our grocery budget, can prepare timely, and keep our shelves stocked with things that are healthy.  It can be maddening, but we are proof it can be possible and Once Upon a Farm has helped us in the healthy snack department with Brie.  
Once Upon a Farm just launched in September 2015 and is now finding a nice market into grocery and health food stores across the country.  Their products are wonderful for busy parents and their healthy whole foods pouches start for babies age five months to toddlers over two years.  Their products feature whole fruits and veggies as well as healthy fats and exotic ingredients such as coconut oil, grass-fed ghee and chia.  Their pouches are easy to spot in the baby aisle, just look for the food in the refrigerator!  For Texans like us, we can find Once Upon a Farm at our local Target and I imagine this company will just continue growing.  Brie is a huge fan of ‘Chocolate Ever After’ and I’m including their ingredient list below.

‘Chocolate Ever After’ Ingredients List:

What is even more impressive is that on Once Upon a Farm’s website you can actually click on each ingredient in a pouch to see exactly where it is grown.  I checked each ingredient in the ‘Chocolate Ever After’ and it was fun to see that, for example, the organic dates in the pouch come from Huntington Beach, California.  I’ve never seen a baby food company be so transparent with their ingredients like this and I have to say – I like it!  I also love that Brie really likes the ‘Chocolate Ever After’ healthy snack pouches, and we are all happy with the ingredients in it.  If Brie is going to be a picky eater, we prefer that she’s picky about eating healthy.  We will continue our quest at offering healthy food options and, with time, the hope is that she will start making the healthy choices for herself as her appetite of late has been blossoming.  So whether you are looking for healthy baby foods or a healthy snack for your toddler, check out Once Upon a Farm for a perfect option.

Refrigerators Debut in the Baby Aisle for Once Upon A Farm Baby Food

List Price: $2.99 per pouch


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